How to make your own hands amplifier , stereo amplifier ?

How to make your own hands amplifier , stereo amplifier ?
You will need:
  • housing for
  • amplifier soldering
  • circuit board
  • wire
# 1

If you have experience with electrical, you probably know that the samescheme can be collected by several methods.With an amplifier, everything is exactly the same.Below it will be described that the power required to do.In the world there are many different types of amplifiers.Therefore it is important to immediately determine what and with which type of electronics it will be applied.When headphones or a subwoofer, you will need one set of radio parts.And if the sound card is completely different.Much depends on the desired future of the design capacity of the device and the chosen scheme.To the delight of music lovers there is a real opportunity to bring the most power.It is not necessary to run to the store for expensive spare parts, simply look for the nearest electronic components market.There you can purchase items for the future of the unit at quite a reasonable price.But one has to have some knowledge in t

his area.This article will help to learn how to make a stereo amplifier with your hands.

# 2

For starters need to be defined with the wiring diagram.This information should be found in books on electrical engineering or the Internet.In many cases, the need: digital receiver, an operational amplifier, active filter, regulator IC, housing, printed circuit board.After selecting a scheme is required to prepare a soldering iron and wire.After all the preparatory steps, you can collect power.Start with the circuit board, namely its preparation.It is very important in the process of preparing to follow a prearranged scheme.It is a major component of future amplifier.It is of course possible to make your own hands, but even professionals are advised to buy it at an electronics store.You can still buy the printed circuit board from the knowledgeable people who have sufficient experience in their manufacture.The most important thing in the production of a quality amplifier base.

# 3

Next, using a soldering iron is required to place the items.These actions provided the instruction.It is important to observe the polarity and solder elements very carefully.If perederzhivaniya soldering iron on a circuit board burn-out can happen, which would nullify all the manipulation of the preparatory phase.When each item will be installed in its place and soldered should visually assess the quality of soldering.Then installs prepared by the PCB into the housing, followed by fixing with screws.It is very important to carry out the fitting knit motherboard with an element in the body in advance.The next step will be testing of the assembled amplifier.You need to connect the dynamics of very good quality.Gradually increasing the volume is necessary to assess how well fed the output from a homemade device.

# 4

Poor quality speakers can greatly distort the sound.As a result, the sound will deteriorate.Only good equipment allows you to enjoy a good and sound, and a man to feel satisfaction for a job well done.And listen to your favorite music in excellent quality.That's just so you can self-assemble high-quality amplifier.It is important to take the time during assembly, and to take it as an entertaining adventure.