How to learn to stuff the ball on his foot ?

How to learn to stuff the ball on his foot ?
You will need:
  • ball
  • Shoes
  • Free marketplace
# 1

By mastery of the ball tends to every kid playing football in the yard.Packing special skill is considered in which the ball is held constantly in the air by means of legs, and does not touch the ground.To master this technique can be almost every.The main thing - patience before workouts.The first success of the training is high quality and comfortable shoes.ordinary shoes suitable for most Hall or ordinary shoes.However, they should ideally match the size of his feet.

# 2

To learn how to learn how to stuff the ball on his foot, you must first purchase the ball.It is obvious that football leather ball will need leg workout.It must be tough and well-pumped.Next time - this is the place to search for the exercise itself.It will suit any area and its special coating is not important.Practiced skills are not only on the football field, but also in any gym.

# 3

After the playground is found, you can proceed to the exercise and fill h

is foot ball.Special care must ensure that the body to maintain balance.For this is good exercise: you have to lean on one leg, the other bent at the knee and lift.If you stand in that position for a few minutes, you can learn to control the balance.Then the time comes to exercise with the ball.

# 4

ball first learn to fill one leg - the one that is more convenient.To start the ball you need to take in hand, at the height of the waist.Take special rack is not required, as well as the straddle.The ball is thrown both hands (not higher than the level of the face).At that moment, when it reaches a height of 10-20 cm from the ground, should start packing the ball.However, these figures can not be considered binding, each chooses for himself a comfortable height.

# 5

The ball is applied to a straightened leg, and it is directed at an angle to the starting position.The ball hit the lift (the front part of the leg), it helps to direct it up and keep packing.During her back should be straightened.Maintain the tempo helping hand movements.For movements of the ball need to closely monitor and impact is required to fall in the middle of it, so it does not fly away to the side.This final rule does not comply with many newcomers, so it should be given increased attention.

# 6

strongly kicking the ball does not have to, otherwise it will fly at an uncomfortable height.It makes no sense to raise the shell is very high.To learn to stuff the ball, it is best to hold it at waist level.For greater heights, you can continue following the acquisition of certain skills.If the ball is stuffed with one leg, you can keep it air or periodically put on the ground.In the latter case, you need to be careful and avoid injury.

# 7

learning to follow the trajectory of the ball and control your movement, you can move on to consolidate their skills.It makes sense to record the results of counting the number of strokes on the ball.It will assess their own level of understanding and to strive for.Then you can call friends and proudly display their skills.Will only one - do not worry.