How to connect the MTS modem ;how to install MTS modem to my computer?

How to connect the MTS modem ;how to install MTS modem to my computer?
You will need:
  • SIM-card
  • Installer driver
# 1

USB modem MTS is a flash device with a high-bandwidth internet speed.For proper operation of the modem is necessary that it has been installed SIM-card with the tariff for access to the use of 3G-Internet.To insert a SIM-card must first remove the cap from the USB-modem connector and open the case.Housing cover is removed very simply.To do this, press on it and slide along the hull towards the USB-connector or vice versa in the opposite direction depending on the chosen model of modem.For proper installation of SIM-card in the modem painted two icons.One for Micro SD card, the second SIM-card.Both show which side should be inserted cards.

# 2

After completing the operation to insert MTS 3G modem into the USB-port of the computer.To avoid damaging the contacts and modem port, you need to connect the device in the correct direction.Company logo on the modem must be on top.If the computer is not turned on, then you need to run it.When boot t

he Windows operating system, it will automatically detect that a new device is connected and begin to recognize it.To properly set the MTS modem, you need to run the driver installer for the modem.Typically, the program starts automatically after connecting the device.The window on the desktop, which offers a choice of destination folder and see the progress of the installation process.When the utility will be loaded in the notification area of ​​Windows taskbar icon on the detection of the new device will appear a pop-up window containing information on the modem connection is successful.

# 3

If MTS modem connection is successful, you will see "Connect Manager" icon on the desktop and the taskbar.It is necessary to click on it twice left mouse button.Open window.First, it is recommended to go to the settings to determine network settings.This requires noting whether the modem will operate only in 3G-networks, only 2G- or device will select independently priority depending on which of them is available.

# 4

next step is to connect to the network.You must click on the button "Connect" and click "Connect".Then in the statistics will begin to display information about the current reception speed, received and sent traffic and the maximum speed of the Internet.In this case the modem can be a red light if the device is connected to the 2G-network, and if a blue 3G-network.Do not be difficult to figure out how to set the MTS modem on a laptop, because the process is similar.