How to turn the ball on his finger ?

How to turn the ball on his finger ?
You will need:
  • ball
  • Clearance
# 1

man, deftly twisting the ball on one finger, many of us think a magician.However, all the secrets of magic tricks can be opened, and learn to master himself.Before you begin the familiarization of the exercise, it is desirable to find a place where no one and nothing will stop training.This will help to focus and not be uncomfortable around them.It is important to choose and the main attribute of the whole process - the ball.Sports are different, so the balls are different in many ways.One of these parameters - weight.Most weigh basketballs, so they are more stable than others.As a consequence, it is easier to handle them.However, you can choose a football or volleyball - they should be fine.

# 2

So, the place is found, the ball is picked up.Now it is important to adopt the right attitude, because otherwise the ball just will not listen.To get started you want to stand up straight and put your feet shoulder width apart.After that, the focus is on th

e movement of his hands.It does not matter which way he will be sent to the unwinding process.Here, everyone is free to choose himself, as he is most comfortable.

# 3

must be remembered torque, but rather about using what he created.Who would think that a decisive role is played here by hand.And it will be wrong.Since we are talking about how to learn to turn the ball on his finger, then attention must be given to the fingertips.They are the "driving force" of the process.As for the methods of the rotation, the only two major.In the first case, the hand, which will be held the ball, pulled in the second - is bent at the elbow.

# 4

If the arm is bent, the ball hold about a foot from his face.It is placed in the hand that is better developed (it is obvious that it is right-handed right hand from the left-handers - left).To be spun as the ball, one hand is recommended to keep a little closer to him.An important point - the beginning of the process.In this case, it is a toss of the ball.This requires a quick movement of the brush.Note that the hands should move in opposite directions.

# 5

to turn the ball on your finger, you need to add the rotation by means of its tip.Of course, a beginner will succeed immediately.First, the ball will fall, so that the action will have to be repeated many times.However, the training will find the rotation speed and make it stable.Especially important is the speed.Here everything is just as good and promoted top, which can stand long on the edge, keeping his balance.If the first few times it does not work, then it does not matter.Maybe it's excessive caution.Do not constrain the movement - on the contrary, it makes sense to turn the ball stronger.

# 6

must not only understand how to rotate the ball, but also how to keep it.After the toss on the axis of rotation of the index finger is inserted.Toss the ball should be in the low height make it easier to catch him.The main requirement is to keep the momentum.The first sign of success is to keep the ball on his finger more than one second.Finally add that all of the manipulation is not necessary to make the apartment.It is better to go to a street area or the gym - and the neighbors will be quiet, and utensils intact.