How to work out the bounce ?

How to work out the bounce ?
You will need:
  • weights or dumbbells netyazhёlye
  • mirror
# 1

Have a crushing blow among their fighting skills - is not a luxury and not a privilege of the elect.Learn how this can be anyone.Would that same desire.Special use of simulators do not need to do this.It's all in the technique and fitness.So, how to work a heavy blow at home?First of all, remember high-school physics.Strength - is none other than the speed multiplied by the weight.To learn how to "shoot" strikes as of rapid-gun, you need to get something unpretentious weighting.Suit netyazhёlye dumbbells weighing no more than a kilogram, or special "Georgia", which are mounted on the arm with Velcro.

# 2

systematically practicing different strokes with small weights, one can achieve a nice effect "light hand".Doing the best fixed using a stopwatch.Most will approach such a scheme: "work" six to eight rounds played, with the same duration interruptions.Once the weights are lifted, fists start to just "fly".Needless to say tha

t the impact force will be increased many times over.In general, the hand speed and no fraud.Knockout Punch is impossible without a certain mass, ie without the weight, which is embedded in the most crushing blow.

# 3

It should be understood that a knockout is simply impossible without a hit.Even a very quick and strong impact, for example, in the area of ​​the eye or forehead will not bring the desired effect.But from the well-aimed hit, what is called "the apple", people will inevitably lose consciousness for a while, and usually wakes up already lying on the floor.Of course, after such a fall he was not a fighter.Aim should be to the chin or jaw.To work out the hit, you can practice in the mirror or ask a friend to the controlled and assisted - by mistake, of course, know better.Attacks with the need to be extremely "heap", as the military says.This means that it is not necessary to spray strokes.

# 4

necessary before each see the target and hit it as fast as possible and short arms throw.When applying such crushing blows, should be extremely cautious.After each knock - a micro-concussion brain, doctors say.The consequences of such injuries can be the most unpredictable.Brain damage in our time do not know how to treat.A severe blow to the temple in general can deprive a person of life.So before you show someone their ability to send in a knockout, you need to carefully weigh the "pros" and "cons."After all, in the words of the legendary Bruce Lee, the best fighting - is that which has been avoided.