How to lubricate the hair clipper ?

How to lubricate the hair clipper ?
You will need:
  • Clipper
  • oil for lubrication
  • dog
# 1

On roar are a lot of clippers, in use, they are almost identical, but differ in priceand appearance.Clean from dirt and lubricated with oil - one basis.Before you lubricate the machine, it should definitely make out, wipe with a dry cloth.All clippers are lubricated in the dynamic and static contact between the blades with machine oil.Knowing how to lubricate the clipper, the owner will prolong its life.

# 2

As for the difference clippers people and dogs, it is not too much.The structure of the hair of a dog and human is different, so the dogs need a more powerful machine.The cleaning and lubrication is also no significant difference, a clipper dogs is lubricated with plenty of lube.For this purpose all the same it is necessary to remove the nozzle, clean them by the hair and dust, wipe with a damp cloth and generously lubricate the blades on the nozzles.After that, install the nozzle back.Now, as the cutting machine dog - should

have no issues.

# 3

No problems with the machines, which are in constant use.But if the machine is not in use for a long time, the blades should wipe dry, and they should not be oiled, since the engine oil has the property to thicken, making the blades are firmly stick together.When the machine will be required, the blade should wash, wipe with something dry and lubricate abundantly oil, then remove the oil with a cloth and then apply a small layer of engine oil on the blades.Now, how to make a man's haircut machine - not a problem, because the machine in readiness.

# 4

finished haircut, you need to remove the workspace and clean the machine from dust and hair.For this purpose it is necessary to disassemble and do it - is not difficult.If you pick up the machine and look at it, the blades can be seen near the button, it is necessary to click on it to move the blade in the direction of the machine and remove them for cleaning.If you need a more serious cleaning it is necessary to unscrew the screws and remove the regulating ring.Here's how to disassemble clipper at home.

# 5

In the process of working with the clipper, as with any electrical appliance, it is necessary to be careful.It must be remembered that before operating the machine should be checked for cleanliness, this should be done with the instrument turned off.Lubricate the machine or any machine domestic oil.After the machine is turn on briefly to check the readiness for operation.Knowing these nuances of working with the machine will not be questions, how to use clippers.

# 6

very important to use to wipe the blade clippers fresh engine oil or domestic.Old oil reserves is not only an unpleasant smell, but also attacked the trimmer blade.It is important to remember.With the help of hair clippers, you can forget about doing haircut salons and at home.The main thing - to do everything slowly and deliberately, paying special attention to cleanliness and efficiency of the device.