How to test the graphics card ?

How to test the graphics card ?
You will need:
  • program for testing
  • Control Panel BIOS
# 1

computer graphics card is designed for processing data received from graphics applications.Thanks to have the ability to view videos and playing computer games.To find the device in the system unit, you need to remove the cover on the left side of the body.To do this, 4.2 to unscrew the bolt at the rear side of the chassis.The video card is a motherboard with disposed thereon GPU fan, chipsets and input jacks for connecting cables.Check the video card performance begins with the optimization of its parameters in the BIOS control panel.To enter these settings, press the F2 key during computer startup.Tab settings for installed devices have parameters characterizing the state of operation of graphics cards.It contains information about the temperature of the cooling system video card main chipset, the sampling frequency.Usually, all these parameters are optimally adjusted for proper operation.Exceptions may be in the moments when th

e obvious any problems with the work of graphic applications.

# 2

To test the functionality of video memory must be installed on the computer program for testing of individual elements.The most popular models of video cards are NVIDIA and ATI Radeon.Therefore the software must be installed for the respective model.In the settings you want to select a test for memory and run it.The results will be seen whether there is any deviation from the norm.The program will notify if there are problems, as in the algorithm of its work programmed to recognize a particular model and compare the current settings graphics cards work with the best.

# 3

With the help of the program are also encouraged to check the degree of cooling the GPU video card.Choosing an appropriate test, you need to follow the processor heats up to a temperature.If the red indicator reaches a temperature scale in the program area, it will mean that there are significant problems in the cooling system.It is necessary to replace the fan or the graphics card cooling thermal paste heatsink, which is located directly on the processor.This problem also occurs when the system unit is beginning to create a loud noise.This suggests that the dry lubricant is one of the cooling fans of the main CPU or GPU graphics card.Because of this chipset it is very hot.

# 4

Despite the fact that you need to know how to test the functionality of the graphics card, you should also have an idea of ​​what each item is located on the system board.Otherwise, you can properly evaluate the results of the test and take wrong decisions.It should also take into account the discrete graphics card installed on the motherboard or integrated.The latter is on budget laptops or netbooks that are designed to work with a text editor and view videos.In this case, ask how to check the video card performance is not necessary, since the used resources of the main processor and the computer's memory, and not of their own like discrete graphics cards.