How to make gloves horizontal bar ?

How to make gloves horizontal bar ?
You will need:
  • sewing skills
  • material for gloves
# 1

Let's start with the fact that many are wondering whether you need to use gloves for sports on the bar?Required.One of the first tangible benefits - bare hands glide on the bar, but the gloves quite the contrary.Also on hand are calluses and scars.Of course, the scars adorn men, but it is better to go with the whole clean hands.An important, and the second question is how to make gloves horizontal bar?First you need to determine the tissue from which they are made.Basically the choice is skin or leatherette.Sew gloves to possible, but for this we need to have some skills of sewing.It should be noted that a try it is worth.

# 2

If you still luck, and tailoring a success, the question arises, how to store gloves?Before storing for a long time are advised to cut the stencil and paste it into the glove, so that it does not lose its shape.You can also be stored in a conventional box or small bag.Especially carefully it is necessary to

store home-made gloves.

# 3

If you buy the gloves on the market or in a specialty store, you need to know the size of your hands.How to choose the size of the glove, so that they were sitting comfortably on the hand.To do this, measure the palm centimeter (not grasping big toe) and then look at the tables glove sizes.Such tables must be specialized shops.Very important is the question of how to choose the size of the gloves?The most common way - to measure.Choose appropriate and necessary to the most comfortable.Size will also have to pick up at independent sewing gloves.

# 4

After buying seemingly everything, but how to wear gloves on your hands to be comfortable in them?One important factor is not necessary to pull them, and especially for the skin of any region.They dress simply.Hole hands folded in a quarter of gloves and put on the hand, then straighten the folded skin.The glove on the hand, how to shoot it?To properly remove a glove, you need to take 4 the finger and pull for them, but in any case it is not necessary to pull on one finger.

# 5

In conclusion it should be noted that the gloves have an important role in the lives of athletes.This article contains useful information that will help in the selection of gloves, and storing.