How do I check the phone on wiretapping , whether tapping on the phone?

How do I check the phone on wiretapping , whether tapping on the phone?
You will need:
  • battery
  • phone
  • equipment
# 1

People unsure of the confidentiality of their conversations should check the phone on the wiretap, and on this basis, to draw further conclusions.Definitely laws of many countries, is strictly prohibited to carry out listening man phone, but because many phones are tapped, stepping over these laws, and without any formal delay, for this reason you need to keep "eyes open".If you experience these symptoms: battery mobile phone is often heated, after a dialogue with the person at the other end of the wire is over - this symptom may be one of the primary signs of listening.

# 2

Because, listening to phone requires continuous supply of energy listening to the subscriber unit.In recent days, attention is attracted suspiciously frequent and rapid discharge of the phone battery, and the battery bought recently and the new, it is the latest sign of the impact on the phone, and the second a hint that you need to check your phone on the wiretap.Wel

l, unless of course, this cell does not listen to music constantly.Well, if the telephone is used for more than one year, respectively, charge the battery by itself starts to deteriorate.

# 3

Another factor giving out that this phone is black listening to the list - this is how long the responding cell on the team full off button (off) the machine, if you press this key the phone display for a long time is disabled, then someone has managed to set the listening of communications.It is this equipment for listening, makes it impossible to shut down rather quickly to the mobile device in order to have time to send a command to turn off the cell.

# 4

also note the following symptoms: almost always are reloaded and seen glimpses of some programs from the display used by the mobile device, it means and implies only two options - this mobile set for an audition, or network operatorfrequent interference and telecommunication equipment of poor quality, and creates a self interference.It is necessary to make an observation of the mobile phone, if all of the above is not observed, it is possible to sleep

# 5

also another validation, it is near any other electrical appliances (such as televisions, speakers, radio, microwave)because in all mobile devices are noise around them, but only in the talk mode, and if the cell reacts to the noise and after the call, which means that there is a fact of wiretapping.All of the above suggestions will help answer the question of how to check the phone on the wiretap?And now all aware of, and thus armed, and no one will not tolerate listening to someone - that their private conversations, free people living in a sovereign and democratic state.