How to choose a lens for SLRs , and not to be mistaken ?

How to choose a lens for SLRs , and not to be mistaken ?
You will need:
  • camera lens
# 1

When buying a camera is mainly supplied is a so-called carcass himself lens (KIT).Kit is always cheaper than if you buy the carcass and lens separately, but we can not always hold the lens in the kit.The set is basically a universal lens, with so-called universal focal length.What is meant by this?Each lens has a focal length.For example, the universal focal length include from 18 to 70. At the focal length, you can shoot great nature, a variety of activities, people, weddings and so on. D.

# 2

So how to choose a lens for SLR?If we do decide that the option of a universal lens is not for us, you need to think about choosing the right lens.First you need to decide what you plan to shoot.And the lens is selected according to the shooting genre.If you like the most to shoot architecture, it may be advisable to wide-angle lens with a focal length of 14-18mm.It is convenient because you can shoot different buildings close enough, all our facilities are in

the frame.If the soul is to take pictures of nature, it is better to take some more versatile lens, such as 18-55 or 24-70.If you like to shoot portraits of people, then there is better to turn to a portrait lens, with a focal length of 50mm, 85mm ili135mm.

# 3

How to use the lens?Using the lens is not difficult.First you need to properly attach it to the body of the camera.On the lens and camera body are red dots, indicators that need to connect and turn the lens counterclockwise.The lens is attached.Next, turn on the camera and start to work.Lens, if it is not fixed, has two rings.One focus ring (in MF mode), the second to change the focal length.If the lens is fixed (for example, 50mm, 85mm), these lenses have only one ring - focus, that is, to the focal length of the constant there...

# 4

How to clean the lens?Now on sale there is a lot of special tools for cleaning lenses.For example, special pencils, well removed from the lenses different fingerprints and dirt.If the hand is no special equipment, just fit with a soft cloth made from natural materials.She needs to gently rub the glass of various contaminants.

# 5

How to check when buying a lens?Although it is believed that this technique is quite difficult and rare marriage, but the lens when you buy be sure to check.The lens is checked first on the FEC-focus - the lens when you hover on the subject misses ago.And the front-focus - respectively the lens misses forward.The best thing to do to download a special scale of the target.Focus on a target, we take a picture and view the results after.

# 6

How to choose the lens?In order to begin to identify the manufacturer.We should choose a lens that is suitable for our camera carcass.If Canon's camera, and the Canon lens is needed.Although now many firms (eg, Tamron, Sigma) producing lenses for cameras such global companies like Canon and Nikon.Further defines the purposes for which the lens is needed and choose the right focal length.Well, then we look at the range and choose the appropriate lens to us.All good shots.