How to configure the built-in Web camera : The camera in the laptop is not included

How to configure the built-in Web camera : The camera in the laptop is not included
You will need:
  • Installation CD
  • Control Panel
# 1

webcam integrated into the laptop body, is very easy to use because it is in the right place at the height ofand can be easily adjusted by turning the lid.In addition, the quality of images obtained from a webcam can be very high.Therefore its use is widespread among users, "Skype", "VKontakte", the YouTube and other sites where communication is possible with the help of a video call.Configure built-in camera is quite simple and does not require any special knowledge of programming or in the development of digital devices, as available to any ordinary computer user.

# 2

On the laptop must be set to software from the system drive, which is always attached to your computer before purchasing it.This disc contains all the utilities to work properly touchpad, keyboard, sound card and other integrated devices.In particular it has drivers for your webcam.Usually, they are pre-installed by default, and to adjust the built-in webcam, simply op

en Control Panel.To get started you want to turn on the camera by clicking on the icon in the control port WLAN and camera.In the pop-up list is the line "Activate camera", you need to click.

# 3

camera will be displayed as "the USB-video device" in the "Scanners and Cameras" "My Computer" folder.To test the connection, press the "Start" button in the menu list, select "Control Panel."Next, select the sub-scanners and cameras, and click on the icon to display the webcam, right-click.You will see the line "Properties", which is needed.By clicking on it, a new window appears at the bottom of which is a column "Diagnosis" and the button "camera test".If it pressed and then a dialog box appears with the notice "The device successfully passed the diagnostic test", it means that a webcam is working correctly.

# 4

To understand how to configure the built-in webcam on the laptop for its further use in social networking or other services of communication, you need to register a personal account on one of them.In addition, it is necessary that the interlocutor also has a webcam for video calls.On the site "VKontakte" in order to start communicating through video, just click the video camera icon Text on the user's page.After that, the source must pick up the handset to broadcast images began.

# 5

during intercourse is recommended to optimally adjust the position of a web camera, a laptop cover fixing angle.In addition, it should take into account the fact that the service can deliberately reduce the video quality to provide the best data rates on the Internet.Also it depends on the quality of the webcam.Thus, the setting of this type of digital devices is very fast and does not take a lot of time with the exception of options when you want to install the software on their own.