How to build a bicycle wheel: racing bicycle tires

How to build a bicycle wheel: racing bicycle tires
You will need:
  • bicycle tire pump
# 1

many people appear Every year, who prefer to ride a bicycle.To this contributes to the increase in the number of cycle paths, in parks and on normal streets.Buying a bicycle, people tend to be so pleased with your purchase that does not think about what the problem might be in the future.As with any difficult technical thing, a bicycle has the ability to break with him or something may happen, especially in the bicycle wheel.That is why it is very important to know how to pump up a bicycle tire pump, because the best answer to this question to find out before the start biking around the city, but not in the midst of the drive.

# 2

Most cyclist attention should be paid to the wheels of the vehicle, because it is on wheels and is all movement on the wheel is a constant load.Also, when riding in the courts, it is possible to pierce the wheel, and then have to blow him and pumped again.In addition, when transporting a bicycle clumsy sometimes you h

ave to take the wheel, otherwise the bike simply does not fit in the car.All of these situations can be anticipated, if you know how to pump up a bicycle tire.And it's very easy to pump, and deal with that any cyclist, and one without the help of someone from the outside.

# 3

It is best to think of inflating the wheel until the departure of the house, when all the available means and instruments have at home, and when you can ask the family to help if needed.However, if the road wheel later, then this, too, should have no problem, because, firstly, it is possible to try to get to the house, usually the way it made, and secondly, each cyclist must necessarily carry a velosumochku,which should not only be tools for repairing the bike, but also the pump.It is only with the help of the pump can pump up a bicycle wheel.Let us examine this process.

# 4

When a contraction wheel to stop and check whether the wheel is really deflated tire.We need to find a place where there are no cars, no pedestrians.Be sure to put a bike rack, or leaning against any hard surface.Then you need to find a pin-wheel, which is blown away.Nipple - a small tube, is located on the inside of the rim, and it is through the nipple can be inflated tire.To do this, remove the cap from the pin and screwed into its upper threaded pump.Bicycle pump usually has a standard thread and easily screwed onto the nipple.Then, smooth and unhurried movements need to pump up the wheel, gently moving the pump handle back and forth.After that, you need to unscrew the pump and to put a cap on the nipple.

# 5

thus inflating bicycle process is quite simple.But sometimes you need to blow off and the bicycle wheel, for example, when you want to transport a bicycle, because now make such a brake, it is easier to remove the wheel than to disassemble the brake.To do this, removing the cap from the nipple, push himself a little nipple, it should be barely perceptible movement of the pin went to air.Then, simply unscrew the fastening and to remove a wheel with slots.After already on arrival at the appointed place, it is necessary to inflate the tire already considered way.So, it turns out that inflate or deflate the bicycle wheel is easy, just need to always be close to a bicycle pump.