How to make a column for the phone with your hands ?

How to make a column for the phone with your hands ?
You will need:
  • column
  • wire
# 1

need to pick up the workpiece to build a good speaker.The easiest and simplest way is to use the old gutted speakers on a desktop computer.And how to create a "miracle" column for the phone with his own hands?Well, you can tell the truth of what your heart desires.To do this, it will fit even the plastic cups of ice cream, a bottle of air freshener, pencil cup, and even a vinyl toy.Then determined with a choice of the necessary characteristics and technical parameters of the long-awaited speakers, and is also important to select the appropriate way to implement them in the form of a candy bar or separate speakers, who are made with their own hands.

# 2

It is necessary to clean the base from inside the trash (if any), to complete the purification and drying.Cut the upper part of the base, if necessary.At the bottom of the base or the side of the drill a small hole for the wire from the speaker.If there is no such suitable blanks (semi-finished), then fo

llow the other way, and thus there are questions such as: how to make a column for the phone, where to start?And start here with what, looking for the world wide web a table of specifications and dimensions of the speaker column.The least powerful must be placed in a column dimensions of no more than about the cigarette case.Write the cubic capacity of the future size of the column for the telephone.

# 3

In order to make their own hands speaker phone, it should be noted on a standard sheet of plywood the size and dimensions of the planned speakers for your phone.Note the size of the speaker on the plywood sheet on the front side for future columns.Well, that's assuming that the column frame assembly variant of the plywood was chosen.Will the choice of material depends on a host of future column.

# 4

Cut or saw out of plywood components of the speakers.Sandpaper smooths all the bumps, remove burrs.All the constituent elements are held together by means of screws, screws, nails (that there is at hand).Joints need to stick very tightly pressed to each other, automotive adhesive sealant, in extreme cases, the super glue.Carefully check for leaks column, because - it greatly affects the sound quality of future column.I do not want to spend as much effort to expectations were not fulfilled, and then again will have to redo it all.

# 5

proceeds to step surface treatment of columns, using paint, lacquer, or simply paste suitable, and you like a dense film that simulates a variety of surfaces and materials - metal, plastic, stone, wood.Well, in general, working on the design and aesthetics of future speakers it, because not only do they have a good sound.After all, they have to look and no less impressive, the appearance is also not the last factor.

# 6

connect the connecting cord to the releasable outlet to be connected from the speakers to the mobile device, smartphone, phone.The other end of the skip from the back wall of the column, and with the help of a soldering iron, solder to the outputs of the speakers themselves.Also do not forget about the polarity, and observe while connecting it.If all this is not true plug polarity, the probability of failure of all the previous effort.

# 7

firmly and reliably twirl speakers to the inside of the column.We add up the remaining free wire (hide) the interior of any of the column walls.And of course all the hollow part of a future column, sealed and no less important, tightly fills filler - it can be wool, polystyrene, polyurethane foam (that there is a house), the range for every taste and preference.Then, attach the speakers to the mobile phone.And if we have power from computer speakers or any other power, lying idle, then connect the speakers to the amplifier first, then to the phone.Turn on the music or video in order to see if everything is functioning properly.And if all goes well enjoy great sound, because the stereo, that is separated by a column with your hands sounds better than the factory are sold at an electronics store.

# 8

Perhaps people will ask where to get or buy these speakers?You can be proud of the fact that these speakers are exclusive, and made his own.