How to train your back with sedentary office work ?

How to train your back with sedentary office work ?
You will need:
  • Desire
  • horizontal bar
  • Bench
# 1

large number of people spend all day sitting at the table.It just so happens that physical labor has recently become less common.Few people think about how to suffer in this way of life back.How to protect it from unnecessary stress?First of all, you need to watch out for during the landing operation.Sitting on a chair, you must heed the stomach, straighten your back and place the chin parallel to the floor.On a chair with a backrest is fully recline on it.In addition, for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, it is important to know how to train the back.

# 2

Next will be given some exercises that will help to make the spine flexible.Many people think, at what flexibility there?It is very important, because the impact on the coordination and strengthens the back muscles.The first exercise..We need to stand up straight and place the feet shoulder-width apart.After that, you need to lean forward a little so that the body was parallel t

o the floor.This is followed by first bend up and then down.Each stopping position for 5-10 seconds.The number of repetitions should be increased by the day, starting with 20-30 times.The second exercise, which will help solve the problem, how to make the back flexible.Starting position sitting on the floor, bending your knees.We must reach out to all the body to the heels.Take your hands from the heels you can not, and should as much as possible to straighten the leg.The minimum number of repeats - 15 times.As required, they can be increased.

# 3

But the flexibility that's not all.More will have to perform a range of activities aimed at the development of different muscle groups.Often the question arises how to pump back the girl.The main exercise that should be done for this purpose, - tightening.The growth of muscle mass does not give the desired endurance, but pulling on the bar develop this quality.For a start it will be enough to do 2-3 times, gradually bringing the number of repetitions to 10. In order to maintain muscle tone that will be enough.The upper part of the back can be put in the form of a simple push-ups.This is a good way to deal with the problem of how to build back fast.Number of sets should be at least 15 in the beginning.More effective push-ups from the bench, with your elbows bent at a breath and straighten while inhaling.If you combine exercises for flexibility, and those listed in this paragraph, you can forget about the pain in his back and waist.

# 4

Comprehensive training allows the muscles to develop, and using these guidelines, you can quickly correct the effects of daily sedentary work.The question is, how to develop your back, no longer care about the person who will follow the advice of the data and proposed to arm exercises.It is best to perform the exercises in one and the same time.