How to build shoulders and back : a methodology Schwarzenegger

How to build shoulders and back : a methodology Schwarzenegger
You will need:
  • gym
  • desire
# 1

ideal in the world of bodybuilding is considered a figure, as it consists of two triangles, which adjoin vertices.That is the dream of any athlete - to pump up the back so that the difference between its width and volume waist literally striking.It is believed that the greater the difference, the better the athlete worked on himself.But to achieve this effect, have pretty sweat."How to build shoulders and back?"- This question tormented a generation of bodybuilders.His answer is trying to give a lot, but you should listen to the owner of a chic body, brave and fearless Action Hero, as well as the absolute record for the number of posters, adorn the walls of local rockers - "Iron Arnie" Arnold Schwarzenegger.During intensive pumping no less important is another question, and - removing the tension of the back muscles.To do this, there is a whole set of exercises developed by professionals.The easiest way to relax the back if standing with his hands on his bel

t, alternately lift the shoulders or knees straight perform tilts forward.Also back will be useful flexion of the spine in its upper part - "the wheel."You can reach the person lying down at the feet, lifting the legs or chest and shoulders, and it is possible to perform a conventional "bridge".

# 2

So how to train your back muscles?Divide training: study of the bottom and the top.It is necessary to clearly understand what goals are pursued.If you want to spin the widened help pull his head wide grip.If you want to add thickness to be tightened "on his chest."Universal exercise may be the deadlift;help and squats.By the way, these basic exercises will not only make your back stronger, but also develop other muscles.So, how to develop your back muscles?According to the procedure Schwarzenegger, to train them is worth a few times a week.First, he advises to do pull-ups on the bar, then pull the rod in the slope.I do not "averse" Arnie and deadlifts (three approaches: 0.6 and 4 repetitions).In addition, the holder of the prestigious title of "Mr. Olympia" advises perform leaned forward, holding the barbell on your shoulders.However, this is a very difficult and traumatic exercise.How to pump up your lower back?You can make the rod to pull the belt in the slope.Also, especially for elaboration of these muscles come up with a special trainer.Its design is vaguely reminiscent of the aircraft.The exercise is performed sitting, and always with a straight, curved in the back waist.The hand grip is taken, similar to the aircraft wheel.It is important to know that the best way muscles work, when at the end of the movement the athlete can hold between the shoulder blades of any small object.