How to format a computer completely ?

How to format a computer completely ?
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Format - There are many reasons why it is necessary to erasecomputer data completely.Maybe the computer was presented and want to get rid of the previous owner's data.Perhaps tunes virus sits so deep that it is easier to erase all the files you try to treat it.Sometimes just a desire to erase everything and install the operating system and the necessary software from scratch.And before the inexperienced user gets the question "How to format a computer completely."The most widely used in Russia have PC computers and operating systems Windows.Therefore, we consider the format on that platform.

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Before you reformat your computer, you should keep all your important files on a flash drive or on other media.Otherwise, most likely dates of the documents will not return.If not you need to format the entire computer, and specific local drive, then just go to My Computer, ri

ght-click of the left mouse button on the desired disk and choose Formatting.In the window that opens, check the box Quick Format, and click Start.The process takes up to several minutes depending on the size of the local disk.If you want to format the entire computer, it will be more complicated.There are several different ways to do it.Lower will be cast one of the most simple and convenient.

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If you need to format the hard drive, as a rule, the operating system is reinstalled immediately after formatting.Therefore, a boot disk with the operating system.It is necessary to run it and wait for the download setup menu.Next you need to follow the instructions of the installer until it comes to the menu, where you have to choose where to install the OS.section will be offered the choice to which you want to install the operating system.But at this stage you need to choose not to install and format.You should choose a quick format to save time.File system - NTFS.And repeating this operation each local disk.

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Then choose where will be installed the system, and continue the installation.If you need to change the size of the local drives, you can do so here.However, be aware that even if completely reformat the hard drive, it is still part of the data can then be restored.An experienced system administrator can do this by using special software.There are as many different ways of formatting the hard drive.For example, when using the command line.However, the above method is the most simple and affordable for the masses.