How to improve the graphics performance for gaming?

How to improve the graphics performance for gaming?
You will need:
  • program RivaTuner
  • new cooling system
# 1

Computer games often take up a lot of system resources.It depends on the type of engine on which the game is developed, the screen resolution and graphics settings activated games.To all worked quickly and had no problems, recommended system requirements are often quite high.The computer must be equipped with a powerful processor, have an ample supply of memory.We have to understand how to improve the performance of your computer for gaming, if resources are insufficient for the quality of the application.

# 2

addition to all the above on a computer powerful graphics card must be installed.From its performance will depend much.If the device resources do not suffice to drill graphical objects in the game has a high level, it is possible to resort to a method which describes how to disperse the card graphics performance.Before taking the decision whether or not you need to think about it is you need, because the excessive load on

the graphics processor may completely withdraw from the card system.

# 3

If nevertheless the decision is made, the first thing you need to get a good cooling system for the video processor.This means that the fan must be more powerful and larger than the standard.The best option is to use water cooling instead of air, then the likelihood that the processor will increase security.Also do not forget that before the limit can not be increased graphics performance.It is necessary to know when to stop, and from the very beginning decide on the percentage increase capacity.

# 4

Overclocking a video card is a process of increasing the sampling rate of the core and memory.This CPU will run hotter, and therefore need to replace the pre-cooling.You can increase the frequency through your BIOS, but this method is not very common, because the configuration and BIOS version can be different, which means that you can not find a single statement for all cards and computers.

# 5

To begin the process to install RivaTuner program for NVIDIA video cards family and ATI Radeon, which can improve performance in games.Then select the video card model from the list in the program window.the current frequency will be shown in MHz for the core and memory.Required to allow the program change these settings and drag the sliders to the right to the desired frequency, and then save the settings.