How to update your account with your phone to phone in MTS ?

How to update your account with your phone to phone in MTS ?
You will need:
  • Mobile phone simkarty mts
  • the required amount on the balance sheet
  • availabilty MTS, Beeline and MegaFon to transfer him money
# 1

In today's worldI have no way to imagine life without mobile phones.People are so accustomed to them that shall not be separated from them almost never.Phones are often used for calls and messages, sometimes for Internet access.To perform all these actions need money in the balance sheets of subscribers.In some cases, they are in urgent need of funds to the phone, for example, for emergency calls, but in proximity may not always be a terminal or a cellular interior to recharge.In this case, a person can help out, such as a friend.

# 2

worth considering in more detail how to fill up your phone balance MTS tel.Mobile operators are trying to implement as many services as may be necessary to the subscriber.Among them are the balance transfer service from phone to phone.The operator MTS this service is very easy to use.It is necessary to figur

e out how to fund your account with MTS to MTS.The service for this action is called "Direct Transfer".With it you can easily replenish the balance, send money to another phone.This can be done by dialing a phone sender simple command: "asterisk (*) 112 asterisk (*) [ten-digit number of the recipient] asterisk (*) [amount in rubles from 1 to 300] hash (#)."Example for transfer of 100 rubles to the number 79101234567: (* 112 * 79101234567 * 100 #).This service is completely free, run out of money without a commission in full.Now everyone has read this instruction man knows how to update your account with your phone to MTS phone.

# 3

carrying out any action from your mobile phone, you should know that the Internet or SMS sending false information may be from spammers on how to refill the account in the MTS phone and other possibly khalyavnykh, a tempting offer.To those may include and account refill your phone via SMS sending.If a person on any resource will see the proposal, there is no need to rush it faster to send sms.In most cases, this will be a deceit to people eager to easy money and greed.In fact, it may happen that a person will not come allegedly promised money, but on the contrary, it will remove the remaining funds from your balance.

# 4

More exist fraudsters who also know how to MTS recharge from phone to phone, and use the services of operators for their fraudulent purposes.In view of this, it will be recommended never to leave your phone unattended.It simply can steal or recharge your phone bill for the phone in the MTS, that is to transfer money from your balance to your.

# 5

It is desirable to hold the phone in the locked position, so that when it is used either need to enter a password that only the user should know - his owner.Thus, each person has read this article now knows how to recharge the phone balance with phone MTS and not to fall into the hands of fraudsters.If all of the above to perform correctly, nothing terrible will happen!With the development of mobile technologies, life becomes easier and more convenient!