How to make the details of calls to MTS ?

How to make the details of calls to MTS ?
You will need:
  • Internet access
  • or passport
# 1

in detail a detailed statement of account charges.It calls, SMS and MMS-messages, the Internet, one-time and recurring services.It is necessary to find out what money is debited from your phone.The printout can see the date, time, duration and cost of calls, messages, and other options.Get it only on the request of the subscriber to whom the number is registered.To solve the problem, how to make the details of MTS calls in two ways: via the Internet on the website and in a shop MTS.

# 2

most convenient way - use the Internet and go to the official website of MTS.Then, to find there the button "My Account".To access it, you must know the login and password.Login - a phone number without eight.A password can be found out, if you type * 111 * 25 # and press the call key.Another option - to send an inquiry to the login page.To do this, click "Get password", enter the phone number and security code.In both cases, the phone will receive a mes

sage with a password.It can be used at every logon.

# 3

The personal account can not immediately figure out how to make the details of calls to MTS.To do this, go to "Internet Assistant", a link to which is located at the top of the page.Then look at the menu "Account", and in it the line "control costs."three sections opens.Get general information for the period from the first day to the present time can be in the "costs for the current month 'block.Generalized information for later periods are contained in the section "Expenses over the past months."These there can be seen not only in a static table, but also in the chart or graph.

# 4

For those who have visited the site of MTS, private office, call details and SMS need in full.To get detailed information about the cost, you need to select the third section.To start invited to set query parameters.The first step - the choice of the period for which you want a printout.Get it only in the last six months, and a particular period of the subscriber sets independently.Next, the method of delivery.There are two possibilities: In the "Internet Assistant" and e-mail.It is worth noting that the data stored in your account just within three days.

# 5

Itemized calls to MTS is available in paper format which the subscriber chooses.The best option would be to HTML for viewing in a browser or PDF to be saved on the computer.In addition, the proposed XML and XLS.It then remains only to confirm the order and wait for a printout.Over the course of the execution can be monitored in the "Archives of the operations."If you choose delivery to the "Internet Assistant", the document will be placed in the 'Order Documents "folder.Refine mobile account is possible only once a day.This operation is free.

# 6

second way to get a printout of calls - apply directly to the shop MTS.If the caller had difficulty visiting your personal account, you can check with a consultant, how to use it.It will show and tell you how to get the necessary information on their own.If specialist help with the difficulties can not, you can ask for the details straight from him.This is the most uncomfortable option, because it will have to bring your passport, apply for that process only after three days.We'll have further to go over the paper discharge.Control costs - an important part of the mobile subscriber's life, allowing to monitor the account and save money.