How to relax your back muscles after exercise ?

How to relax your back muscles after exercise ?
You will need:
  • great desire
  • Subscribe to the gym
  • mat exercises
  • horizontal bar
# 1

First, to answer the question of how to relax the muscles of the back, you must do the slopes from a standing position.It is important to ensure that your back remains straight during the exercise.We must reach out his hands to the floor, and stay in this position for a while.Then, from this position to do the same toward the slopes.Alternately, drag it to the side for the left, for the right hand.The other hand at this point must be on the belt.By the same token, you can do curling, but from a seated position.

# 2

is important to know the proper way to swing back.First we need to take the prone position.Put your feet on the level above the floor.Hands placed behind his head, then arching the spine necessary to ascend and descend.To improve efficiency, the hands can hold some weight material (book, dumbbells).You can start with five climbs.It is important to do the exercise slowly and without any s

udden movements.Exercise can be replaced by another - "boat".Only use extra weight on your back.It should fit snugly to the spine.

# 3

To answer the question of how to build a dumbbell back, you need to know how the exercises should be paid special attention.To begin the exercise, you need to go across the board sports, move to the edge of the shoulders and the lower part of the body a little pull down.Draw here need to bent legs.Dumbbells should be kept on straightened arms while inhaling lower them behind your head close to the floor.It is important to always try to keep your arms straight, for maximum effect.Then you exhale return to the starting position.The number of repetitions depends on the preparation.In early enough for fifteen repetitions.

# 4

Another important question - how to swing back muscles?First you need a good warm up them.Exercises to strengthen just a huge set.Simulators There is a large number.A very effective exercise - lifting.Other - block thrust behind the head and chest in a special simulator.Link to the abdomen also improves posture and strengthens the muscles.You can do a deadlift, the main thing to avoid deflections of the spine.There is also a special simulator with which the muscles being worked hyperextension.It is important to increase the load gradually.

# 5

If the opportunity to visit the gym no need to consult with an expert on how to pump back home, it will be enough conventional pull-ups.But so that the beam was not the front and rear.You can also take a dumbbell in both hands, and raise their hands in turn.The result will justify all the efforts, if to take it responsibly.