How to reset the password of the user of Windows 7 ?

How to reset the password of the user of Windows 7 ?

Customers who are concerned about the security of their computer, often installed on Windows 7 password.If the password is particularly complex, it is very likely to forget it.Also, some users forget scattered frost very complex passwords - simply because human memory is arranged.What to do if you forget your password?Let's face it.

If you have forgotten your password from a computer that is part of a certain system (for example, working Computer), then consider yourself lucky: Contact your system administrator.Professional make password resets quickly and efficiently.If you can not log in on your home computer system, you have to tinker a bit.

to reset Windows 7 password, you'll need a password reset disk (this is the case better do it in advance).

inserting the USB flash drive into the computer or CD-ROM, open the system component "User Accounts" in the "Start" menu button.Click the "Control Panel", then - "User Accounts and Family Safety", in it, select the tab "User Accounts"."Create a password

reset disk" On the left you will find the area.Click on it and follow the instructions given by the system.This drive should be kept in a safe place, but at the same time, it should be easily accessible for you.Password reset automatically as soon as you re-insert the disc into your computer.

reset Windows 7 password, you can also use the boot disk.Boot with this disk and pressing F10.Command prompt appears.Enter her team regedit, which will launch the Registry Editor.You will be offered a section HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, select it and in the "File" menu select "Load Hive ...".Select section \ Windows \ System32 \ config file SAM.Name of the bush, which you will be asked to specify, can be anything.

Select section HKEY _ LOCAL _ MACHINE \ imya_kusta \ SAM \ Domains \ Account \ Users \000001 F 4 and double-clicks the key F.V opened editor, locate the line 038 and replace the first number in the line of 11 to 10. Be careful, nothing else to do not enter.Highlight bush HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ imya_kusta \ and Ā«File" menu select "Unload Hive ...", confirm.

Remove the installation disc and restart your computer.Now you can log in as an administrator account in the "User Management" to change the password.After this procedure, make sure that the password to be safe, but memorable for you personally.Or burn it, at worst.