How to make a washing machine out of the basin ?

How to make a washing machine out of the basin ?
You will need:
  • Taz
  • electric motor
  • drum of the washing machine of the old sample
  • Soldering
# 1

Washer today - something very urgent, especially inurban residents.People who are accustomed to comfort, in the event of machine failure will not want to wash clothes by hand.This guide will not only help those who do not have a washing machine, but also to those who have broken it.It is necessary to consider more how to make a washing machine out of the basin.To get started you want to take a metal bowl and drill the bottom hole in the center of such a diameter that is the same as the thickness of the shaft of the electric motor.A hole is drilled, usually an electric drill, but if the master does not, then come up and hand, because the drill will have only one hole in a thin metal.After the hole is drilled, it is necessary for the future of the washing machine to do the support.It can serve as a plastic feet, which should be soldered to the bottom of the basin.To learn how to install a wash

ing machine on the feet, it will be written below.

# 2

Now we need to take an electric motor, and in an upright position to put it under a bowl, put his shaft through the drilled hole.To the motor is not staggered, it must be soldered to the bottom of the basin.Under the motor is also necessary to make a plastic foot to the main load was just her, not on foot along the edges of the pelvis.Now is the time to make the oil seal to the hole in the shaft does not leak water.It is made of rubber in the form of a circle with a hole in the middle.Seal is placed on the shaft with the outer side of the pelvis and is fixed by a spring.We must now consider how to use a washing machine, made of the basin.Since she is ready, and it remains only to put the drum from the old model of the washing machine, it's time to stick a fork into a socket on the electric motor and make sure it is working.If the motor is spinning, everything is wonderful.The washing machine must be at a distance from the wall to go with splashes of water.

# 3

drum to the washing machine can be attached with glue.So it will be more reliable than just put on, even with force.By the apparatus is required to provide cover so that you can, how to open the washing machine, and close it when you want.linen is not recommended to wash when open.Next, you should definitely check out the new washing machine for leaks.This requires pour water into it, and wait for some time.If a leak is observed, then everything is fine!Now we need to try to turn the car engine in the presence of water in it.It should work properly.All is ready!A washing machine can be used for its intended purpose!So now everyone has read this article people a good idea of ​​how to make a washing machine out of the basin.As you can see, it is not very difficult.The main thing is to have the right parts and desire.Such a washing machine will be able to help out if the factory has broken or if it does not!