How do I determine what my motherboard ?

How do I determine what my motherboard ?
You will need:
  • Computer
  • documentation on the computer or charge
  • Special programs
# 1

information on the motherboard model, installed in the system unit, you need to know to set somedrivers and programs, as well as replacement parts.The proper selection of a processor, RAM, graphics card, hard drive, you need to have an idea of ​​marking boards.When a user intends to upgrade, often the question arises: "How do I know what my motherboard?»

# 2

easiest answer - see the technical documentation for the computer, if the card was purchased, complete with all the components of the system unit, or on the motherboard itself, if it is sold separately.If these data are not available, there is another similar way - to explore a box from under the board or going with her driver disk.Not too much should not count, as manufacturers often release universal drivers that are suitable for different models.

# 3

Refer to the computer itself.motherboard model is easy to look at ordinary startup.Whe

n the self-test procedure begins POST, you must press «Pause / Break».The operation stops, and the screen can be read the relevant information.Another option - to enter the BIOS and find the line «Advanced BIOS Features».In this section, the motherboard will be listed at the top.But sometimes there is no information in the card itself, and then the data will be absent in the BIOS.

# 4

Learn motherboard model can be in the system via Device Manager.To do this, find the «Chipset» section and look for information there.But the system can display incorrect data.It is better to use «msinfo32» command or «dxdiag».This is done through the "Start": find the line "Run", enter "msinfo32" and press «OK».You should see a list of all computer components.If the front of the system board is «n / d», it is necessary to introduce «dxdiag» command.Only computers with the installed program «DirectX».

# 5

motherboard model can be found using computer programs for diagnostics.For example, «Everest».it is necessary to select the line "System board" Once it is installed and running.It has complete information about the board, including links to update it.Another common program - «CPU-Z».It is necessary to open the tab «MAINBOARD» and look for the window «Model» (model) and an «Manufacturer» (producer).There are other programs for any operating system: SiSoftware Sandra, PCWizard, ASTRA32, HWiNFO32, and others.

# 6

Last "mechanical" option involves the removal of the side panel of the system unit.It is necessary to find the motherboard and look at her.But if there are seals on the block, they can not be touched, otherwise the warranty will be lost.Regular users rarely know what it looks like fee, so this method is not for everyone.Besides labels may be difficult to discern, but in this case will camera.If you want to install the software, drivers, or buy accessories for your computer, it is necessary to know the motherboard model to save time and money.