How to adjust the brakes on a bicycle ?

How to adjust the brakes on a bicycle ?
You will need:
  • clamping bolt
  • new pads
# 1

skiing enthusiasts bikes always carefully check the condition of the air pressure in the tires, gear shift knob, brake and chain lubrication.In some cases, problems may arise due to the fact that it is not well understood how to adjust brakes on the bicycle.

# 2

While riding, you may find that the brake system has become less responsive to the action of the cyclist.The reasons for this may be different, because the bicycle braking system consists of many elements that must work together cohesively and their interaction should be clear.If the operation of the brakes lasted quite a long time, then you need to check the condition of ropes, brake levers, pads.The first thing you need to pay attention to things that are obvious and immediately catch the eye.Possible to mount a brake lever or loosening.This is detected when it is clear that the adhesion pads with the wheel rim after a stroke occurs when you press the brake lever, but not immediate

ly.This is the first possible type of issues with which to deal.

# 3

to strongly tighten fixing brake to adjust its position relative to the wheel rim, and tighten the nut to the end.The location should be symmetrical, and the wheel should spin freely and does not touch the pad.To properly secure the brake lever to choose the correct position for fixing the brake control handles.To do this properly tighten the rope connecting the handle and the pin in the brake mechanism.Unscrewing the adjusting screw and stronger pulling a rope, it is necessary to fix the lever and make sure that the tension is good and correct.It did not need to unscrew the screw of the cable, and does not need adjustment of the brakes when the brake lever to loosened the fastening to the steering wheel.In this case, just need to tighten them stronger.

# 4

Adjusting the brakes on a bicycle is required, and if you press the brake lever bicycle stop is too slow.This means that the sensitivity is not configured correctly.The same is true if the braking is too sharp with light pressure on the handle.In this case, you need to unscrew the clamp bolt on the cable attachment to the wheel brakes.When you need to enclose between the pads and the rim of a folded sheet of cardboard.This is required to preserve symmetry and minimal backlash.Next, you need to pull the cable as much as possible, but at the same time maintain a balance, so that the brake was not too sensitive when you press the lever.If pads worn, it is necessary to purchase new ones.To replace them, unscrew the clamping bolt pad, removed worn and new set.When the brake must nestle at right angles to the rim only, and does not touch the tire.Tighten the clamp bolt, you can try the brakes actually work.

# 5

much easier to adjust the brakes on a bicycle if they are of the type of so-called internal or drum brakes.They are much more stable and their setting is only required to relax or tighten the adjusting nut.In the worst case it is necessary to unscrew the rear wheel, take it off and deal with the state of the pad inside the wheel axis.If they had deteriorated, it will have to make a substitution.Otherwise, the brake can completely deny during skiing.If installed on a bicycle disc brakes, the process of adjustment is similar to the first, because it will also have to tighten or relax the ropes, but a lot more steps, as well as the need to adjust the clearance between the brake pad and disc brake to hold the alignment relative to the disc.In addition, there are three types of disc brakes and for each of them need to know about the specific nuances of adjustment and tuning.

# 6

Nevertheless, such adjustment happens very rarely carried out, because the bicycle brake system for a long time not working properly and there is with them no serious problems for a long time.Moreover, the entire adjustment process takes on average 10-15 minutes for all brake elements are consecutive.