Shortens the bicycle chain : guide

Shortens the bicycle chain : guide
You will need:
  • Change chain
  • Squeeze
  • Insert chain
  • breakup
# 1

bicycle, without changing gear, the chain made detachable.One unit has a special latch.Therefore, the circuit change them is easy.But bikes with multiple speeds, detachable link prevents any change of gear.Therefore, they do not have it on.Sometimes, the chain is very stretched, and then begins to slip through the teeth of the sprocket.Climbing with a chain on the hill activity is not easy.Also, the chain may break, although this is fairly rare.And when put smaller and larger sprockets, the chain to make shorter or longer than necessary even equipped with a special lock.So as to shorten the chain on a bicycle?To do this you will need a squeeze for bicycle chains.

# 2

squeezing device consists of a steel monolith (often hexagonal) to 2.5 cm in width and up to 10cm in length.From one side it is made a groove, where it is necessary to insert the circuit.This slot can be equipped with one or two more tabs.On the other side

is attached to hold the pen pomace.At the end of the block there is a narrow slot or threaded screw with knurled head and a hole in the middle.At the other end of the clutch release threaded screw with a thin groove in the middle and the handle to rotate.A bicycle chain consists of a large number of links.Each link is connected to other by an axis.In order to shorten the bicycle chain, you must decompress any connection - any links.

# 3

We choose what - or link, which is subject to the breakup.Paste it into a groove pomace, pressed to the end with a slot so that the axis published in this slot.If squeezing device is provided with a screw hole, then insert the unit so that the shaft came out through the hole of the screw.Turn the screw of the corrugated head, fix the chain.On the other side of the rotating clutch release screw until it is you are rested in a fine groove between the axle units.When the breakup insert the chain between the additional projections impossible.They need to adjust the axis in the link.When disconnecting the circuit they are not suitable, you can damage or chain, or squeeze.

# 4

Gently twist the clutch release screw firmly to the axis of the beginning or go into a groove or hole in the screw.If in the future it will be necessary axis drive in back, it is desirable that it does not drive out until the end.Otherwise, insert the axle back will be difficult to link.If so, from the beginning Extrusion make three complete revolutions Clutch release screw.It will advance by 4 axis - 5 mm.Then release the chain and check.If the links are not disconnects, then insert the back and tighten the screw clutch release another ΒΌ turn.And so, until the chain links do not disperse.All over the breakup.If necessary, shorten the chain Do the same with the other link in the chain.And if you need the same circuit disunite again, it is better to decompress another link.Extrusion After each axis, the compound becomes less stable.If one link is to do a few times, it can be disconnected to ride.From the two-wheeled friend's health depends comfort when riding a bicycle.And if it is serviceable, and riding on it is always fun.