How to choose the length of the rope on the rise ?

How to choose the length of the rope on the rise ?
You will need:
  • Rope
  • Time
# 1

Rope - a unique and irreplaceable simulator.It is very easy to use, but not how much to give way and heaped simulators as effectively helps to fight cellulite, to dump excess weight, as well as to train the endurance and cardio - vascular system.Home pravilnopodobrat length of the rope.There are a number of rules on how to pick up the rope on the rise, so this will be discussed further.

# 2

Purchase rope only at first glance a simple exercise, but really need to pay attention to many points.Before you choose a rope, it is necessary to examine its packaging.Conscientious manufacturers indicate on it the length of the rope, as well as information about what the maximum height of a man about to be engaged in it.If the data in the data package is not, then we can be guided by the following figures.So for a person growing up to 150 cm suitable rope length is 180 centimeters.With the growth of 151-167 cm 250 cm need a rope, increasing the length of sports equi

pment 168-175 of 280 cm, with the growth of 176-182 cm need a jump rope, a length of 300 cm, and if the growth of more than 183 cm, the rope need not less than 380cm.

# 3

If the rope length is not specified, and it is not possible to know, then determine whether it is suitable for growth, can be another way.It is necessary to take the rope in his hands as before the jump, but did not begin to exercise, and get up in the middle of the rope with both feet and pull it along the body.If the handle of the sports were at chest level or slightly higher in the axilla, this rope is ideal for growth.If we take the simulator longer be engaged will be uncomfortable, since lost control over the rope.

# 4

Besides the fact that the rope to choose for growth, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the product.Do not choose the rope, from which emanates a peculiar smell or they are painted in bright colors.Because the smell may indicate poor quality and even toxic product, and the bright color it is possible to paint hands.When choosing a treadmill you need to pay attention to the handles.It is desirable that they were smooth, but not slippery, as if the handles are carved with notches, there is a probability of occurrence at the hands of calluses and abrasions.It should be very careful to choose the sports equipment, or personal injury and disappointment is inevitable.

# 5

With the right choice of equipment, exercises with a rope will bring only joy and benefit to the organism.And the costs are minimal, because the rope, chosen according to the rules will long to please his master, helping him to keep yourself in great shape.