How to disable a service , " Navigator " on the megaphone ?

How to disable a service
You will need:
  • Phone
  • Connection "MegaFon"
  • connected services "Navigator"
# 1

If you are a user of the "Navigator", there are two possibilities:either you follow someone, or watching you.Let us first consider the second option: the search for anyone watching.This service does not violate the right to freedom of movement of the subscriber and privacy as it may seem at first.In order to begin to use it, you need to give permission.And if it is possible to give, then it is possible and collect.Then the second question: how to pick up a permission to use the "Navigator"?This can be done in different ways.Tip: Do not connect additional services of mobile operators, if they do not have an urgent need - to disable them then it will be much harder.

# 2

So, how to cancel the service, "Navigator" on the megaphone: one way (which is perhaps the most versatile) - off via SMS or USSD-command.So, to disable access to your data, you need to cancel the data before a permit for their definition.If

you only one resolution (one subscriber) has been given, then cancel this permission will not be difficult.We just need to send an SMS-command, the text of which is: "End 7hhhhhhhhhh" to number 1400 where 7hhhhhhhhhh - number of the person you want to prevent the definition of location data (do not worry, free SMS).Tip: Do not give access to the data on the whereabouts of strangers: then it will be difficult to get rid of the surveillance.

# 3

happens that permit identification of data about your location is not given to one subscriber, but several, or many, and it is already impossible to remember or find who it was.And with all this, you would like to disable access to only some of them.In this case, first you need to find a list of numbers of people who have been given permission.Ask for it by sending an SMS with the text "Komu" to the number 1400 (SMS is free, verified).The reply of "MegaFon" will receive an SMS with a list of numbers of people who have been given permission.Next you need to select the desired number from the list and write the number in the letter to cancel the SMS command authorization ( "End 7hhhhhhhhhh"), and then do it with each number that you want to deny access to the data.Now you know who you want to disable the "Navigator".

# 4

Where more common situation is when you need to deny access to all rooms, which have ever been given permission and completely free from control.So, if you want to cancel all the data before resolution, namely close to all subscribers access to data on the location, you just need to send an SMS with the text "End all" to the same number in 1400 (all free SMS).Now you have deactivated the service, "Navigator", that is, no one can determine your location data.

# 5

Now consider the second case: when you define the location of the subscriber and want to disable this service.You can do this in two ways: via SMS or USSD-command or via the website "MegaFon".So, to deactivate the service "Navigator" with the commands, you need to: send an SMS with the text "UNREG" or "OFF" to the number 1400. Also, disable the "Navigator" can be through the site "MegaFon".To do this, from a mobile phone it is necessary to send USSD-code * 105 * 2 #.Then, "MegaFon" will send a universal code.Once on the site in the top right corner, select the "Service Guide" and specify the number and got in the SMS code.Then in the section "Services and tariffs" need to find the service "Navigator" and remove the check mark in front of.Done.Service MegaFon "Navigator" will be disabled.Now that you know how to turn off the "Navigator" to "MegaFon".

# 6

Even easier to deactivate the service "Navigator" through specially made for this site "MegaFon": or via mobile web site: was an article "How to deactivate the service" Navigator "to" MegaFon ". Thank you for reading.