How do nunchaku at home how to make the nunchuck wood in the home ?

How do nunchaku at home how to make the nunchuck wood in the home ?
You will need:
  • Sharing of sturdy wood
  • Drill
  • cord
# 1

Many people are interested in how to make the nunchuck at home.This issue is primarily interested in those people who are involved in sports and various martial arts.Of course, you can go to the store and buy the nunchuck, but if you do them yourself, you can not just pick up a high-quality material, but also to calculate the size by yourself.

# 2

To do nunchaku quality, you will need to choose the hardwood.Then you need to select the stalk (if available old rake or shovel, the stalks can be taken from them).But we should remember that the cutting diameter should be 2.5 cm. If the diameter is larger, thicker nunchuck are obtained, this would harm their speed of rotation, and they need to grind to remedy the situation.All this extra work that can be avoided.

# 3

When the material to be picked up, you can start making nunchaku.First you need to know the distance from the elbow to the center of the palm, then take the previous

ly selected stalks and cut two equal parts of it.Each part must conform to the measured distance.These parts will in future handle nunchaku.The next step comprises the breaching of transverse holes.To work it was convenient to carry and it worked the first time, a place to mark the holes with a pencil is recommended.Handle themselves better hold in Thesk - you need to during the drill they do not come off and not be damaged.With regard to the drill diameter, it must be equal to the thickness of the cord, which will pass through these holes.

# 4

After transverse holes will need to do one more thing - in the core of the handle itself.Check the diameter as follows: the diameter of the cable, which will pass through the hole, you need to multiply by two, and the core diameter must be less than this number.As for the depth of the core, it must cross to reach the first hole: it will pass through the cord.But if you do nunchaku with incorrect measurements are obtained and made holes are too large, then it is likely that over the lifetime of the cord would damage the walls of the arms.

# 5

Work is almost finished.All that's left - is vdet cord to make holes.To lead it easier to instill into the holes, you can attach it to the wire (then it will be possible to unhook).When the cord passes through both arms, its length will need to adjust the width of the palm.That's it - nunchaku ready, you are ready to use.It turns out that the nunchuck to do at home is very simple, and with it the power to handle any.