How to format phone memory card ?

How to format phone memory card ?
You will need:
  • Reader
  • Laptop
# 1

Currently, memory cards for mobile phones began to be made very small in size, so the MicroSD cards are popular.They are used in virtually all phones released since 2007.Format the card in several ways.You do not need to deliberately learn something, because the operation is very simple.The first thing you need to go to the phone settings menu.The Data Manager or similar setting, depending on the phone manufacturer and model to find the section titled "Memory" or "Memory Card".Selecting it will display all the information about the size of the card, the amount of remaining free space and title cards.The properties and functions of the card format setting is always present.It is not recommended to perform this function if the memory card has important files, the removal of which would lead to irreparable consequences, so how to recover data after formatting will not work, and they will be removed permanently.

# 2

before formatting or after the program

prompts you to select a new name in the system memory card.Usually it nazvanieMedia Cardili another similar.You can replace it with any other, and choose to your liking.As a rule, the formatting directly on the telephone system is very fast.It takes about ten seconds of time, after which the notification window appears with information about the successful completion of the operation.Whatever it was, but the phone's memory card format is not always possible.The problem occurs because of a power failure the phone when he restarts the operating system.It can also occur during the removal of the battery when the phone is switched.Sometimes there are glitches, and during the formatting process of the phone system gives an error "The memory card is damaged."In this case, the problem can be solved if to pull the card out of the slot, and insert it again.If the problems persist, then the MicroSD need to use another method of formatting.To do this you will need an adapter or SD-card reader, which allows you to read information from the memory card to the computer's operating system.

# 3

To format the memory card using a card reader telefonas, you need to put into it the MicroSD card.Readers may be quite different.In most cases, if a memory card is included with the purchase of the phone, the device is usually attached.It is a larger map that, for example, are used in some models of digital devices.Inside it has a slot for MicroSD memory card reader, and serves as a kind of adapter between different types of memory cards.Most notebooks have a slot for such cards, and thus it is possible to use the MicroSD in the computer.At the same time, keep in mind that SD-adapter has a switch that can block access to information located on the map.This is some kind of lock.He should be in the open state.You need to insert a MicroSD card reader in the laptop inside.When you need to go to "My Computer".Map will see removable drives.By clicking on it, right-clicking and selecting from the list of "Format..."Should confirm the operation.This is a very simple way, that shows how to format the memory card in the phone.