How to correct errors in the computer?

How to correct errors in the computer?
You will need:
  • Programs for computer cleaning, the ability to use the programs
  • presence of anti-virus programs, time to check
  • computer Restart the computer, the operating system disk
# 1

Manypeople do not know how to fix PC errors.Each user had at least once a problem with the performance of the computer.Stuck computer and braking can not someone to please, so these problems need to be addressed.Best of all, of course, seek the help of a specialist who will eliminate all problems.But if this is not possible, you can do everything yourself.The reasons for such a huge amount of work, but it will be considered the most popular.For information on how to restore the normal operation of the computer and will be discussed in this article.The most common reason because of which need to be cleaned, - the accumulation of unnecessary files that clog up the system.Correct errors in the computer can help raznosortnyh corrective program.The best program for users is convenient and easy when you use

a program called «Ccleaner».This program is designed for quick clean computer from unnecessary files, stories.It is also possible to carry out cleaning registry.The register is cleared of unnecessary files that have accumulated during the installation of various programs.The program is easy to use, it will be easy to understand even for inexperienced users.There are many other programs similar to «Ccleaner», information on which can be found on the Internet.

# 2

next step - a defragmentation.In order to defragment the disk need to do the following: it is necessary to open the "Start", then the section "All Programs", and here go to the "Accessories" section, and then the folder "System Tools".There is a "Disk Defragmenter."First you need to hold a simple analysis, and if not then need to defragment, then it will be necessary to hold it by clicking on the "Defragment".This procedure takes about half an hour.Another common cause of computer braking - an abundance of different viruses and Trojans on your system.It is necessary to scan your computer for viruses using anti-virus programs.One of the best «Microsoft Security Essentials» can be called anti-virus software program.In this program, you can hold different kinds of checks for viruses, so users can choose which type they use.There is a large set of anti-virus programs, so each user can choose the program to your liking.Learn information about antivirus software, you can read more on the internet.The best solution - purchase a licensed antivirus software manufacturer's website.

# 3

There is another way of correcting errors.You do not need to download the program and work with them.Consider the function has long been installed on each PC.First you have to go into the folder "My Computer".Then click the right mouse button on the folder in which errors you want to correct.Go to the tab "Properties", then in the "Tools" section.In this section, you should click on the "Check Now ..." and select the desired parameter error correction.After that, it is necessary to restart the computer, and this test will be carried out at inclusion.It will take some time, but the result will exceed expectations.Computer Work will be accelerated, will be fixed numerous bugs and flaws are eliminated.But if the computer is not turned on, you will need to reinstall the operating system.Tip: it is better if it would make a competent and experienced professional.This serious matter, requiring knowledge in the field of informatics.And if the user is confident in his abilities and capabilities, you can always buy a disc to reinstall the system.These discs are sold everywhere, but most often found fake.It is better to buy a disc in a specialty store.After all, as you know, avaricious pays twice.

# 4

So, after reading this article, personal computer users have learned how to correct errors in the computer.Providing instructions to help deal with the problems that arise when using your computer.