How to turn the hoop right?

How to turn the hoop right?
You will need:
  • Hoop
  • Patience
# 1

or hoop hula hoop is very famous all over the world the invention and many women enthusiastically twist it.Although the fitness coaches are skeptical of data classes, because the load is too small and does not in any comparison does not go with power or cardio workouts.Still, when permanent employment with a hoop can be a good idea to adjust the figure, most importantly patience and persistence.Let's try to figure out how to turn the hoop to bring her figure to perfection.

# 2

Before you start exercising with a hoop you need to buy this same hoop.Species of this shell in a lot of stores: Normal, folding, massage and weighted hoops.For people who first begin to engage with the hoop recommended to buy the most common, iron shell.For training outside the home will suit folding option, since it will take a minimum of space during transportation.Massage and weighted hoops perfect assistant for weight loss, as they are perfectly exposed in the subcutaneous

fat, uluchayut circulation and help even in the fight against cellulite.When the hula-hoop is selected, you can return to the question of how to learn to turn the hoop.

# 3

To learn how to turn the hoop must select the free space, so do not break.Put feet shoulder width apart and run the hoop around the waist, or the place where you want it to turn.The closer to each other will stand legs, the harder it will be to turn the hoop.Since women often problem areas belly, especially after childbirth, the more often the question arises, how to remove belly fat, twirling hoop.

# 4

To twist a hoop on his stomach and fill bruises, the first time it is recommended to wear a thick jacket.Once the body gets used, it will be possible to turn on the naked belly.To achieve a good result, you need to deal with on a daily basis, and turn the hoop at least 15 minutes a day.To quickly see the results of the exercises you need to do several approaches, but to turn more than 15 minutes at a time is not recommended.Especially hard and massage hoop, as this may damage the spine.With daily activities result can be seen in two weeks.

# 5

Over time, if you engage with a light wrap, it would seem that there is no improvement, as the body gets used to the load.In this situation, you can manually heavier hoop.How to wrap a heavy inexpensively?It's simple.If iron or plastic wrap, then you must do it in the hole and fill some "weighting", for example, peas or sand.The filler will depend on the diameter of the hole.After the wrap is weighted hole must be sealed and you can continue to work on a beautiful body.Adhering to these simple rules, and patience, you can get a piece of the dream.