How to disable the sending of SMS to short numbers ?

How to disable the sending of SMS to short numbers ?
You will need:
  • passport
  • phone
  • Internet
# 1

As a rule, all these tricks of swindlers caught the elderly and children.In order to avoid problems when using a cellular service, you must know how to turn off the SMS sending.What you need to do to subscribers of Beeline, MTS, Megafon and other companies that provide cellular services?Of course, if the man himself takes part in any competitions, quizzes and so on. E., Where the cash prizes, the option of sending a message to cancel, it is not suitable.In other cases, it is better to disable the ability to send messages to short numbers, because the situations are different, you can rearrange SMS by mistake, as a result of losing a decent amount from the account, which is to return in the future is unlikely to succeed.

# 2

Thus, subscribers of MTS to disable any paid services or for prohibition of sending messages to short numbers, you must call the number 0890 (from your mobile phone).When the operator answers, ask whether there is, som

e paid services, at this rate, and how to prevent sending SMS to short numbers.When referring to the company's employees will be asked for passport details, in order that he could perform the necessary actions.Again, with the help of an operator, you can connect the following services: sms blocking and call on all short, premium rate numbers, the prohibition of any receipt sms or mms informational, block ads in the form of SMS.You can also type the command * 152 # and follow the instructions of the system on how to set up SMS sending, perform the necessary actions.

# 3

Megafon subscribers need to dial * 107 * # short number.The reply message will cost all connected on the number of paid services and instructions on how to disable them.Or again, you can refer to the operator under number 0500, and learn how to configure the sending of MMS, or give up all the unwanted services.Beeline subscribers can also call an employee of the company, by number 0611 and refuse messages with short numbers (when calling any of the cellular operators is required to name the personal data series and passport number), or visit the site Beeline, and in a private office,follow the instructions to enable or disable the required services.Of course, there are other companies providing cellular services, the operating principle is similar to them, that is, you can call the operator, or use the internet.