How to transfer to tone mode ?

How to transfer to tone mode ?
You will need:
  • The telephone
  • Guide to the phone
# 1

Often when calling to any organization that uses the answering machine, the mechanical voice offers to press certain keys to moveto the desired menu item.And few know that the phone have to be set for such a simple action.There are two mode dial - tone and pulse.Pulse in the old machines with rotary dialer.Tone is typical for mobile phones.Modern stationary machines are equipped with two sets of types, but is usually a pulse by default.To use the voice services, you need tone dialing.The question is how to transfer your phone in tone mode.

# 2

First you need to determine what type of kit in the existing system.This is easy to do, listening to the sounds of the pressed digit.If pulse dialing audible clicks, similar to those that publishes the disc apparatus.The number corresponds to the dialed digits crackle.The tone mode button press causes a beep.In addition, each number has its own sound (tone).If you need a one-time use tone dia

ling, this is simply press "*" (asterisk) before the number.In subsequent treatment for automated systems with the introduction of additional digits tone mode will be disabled during a call.

# 3

to phone worked in the tone mode constantly, it needs to be adjusted.The easiest way - use the switch.It usually look like a button or lever located on any panel of the machine.To change the dialing mode, it is necessary to set the switch ( «Tone-Pulse», «TP», «Tone-Pulse" and so on. P.) In a position corresponding to the tonal type ( «Tone», «T», «Ton» andm. n.).If the phone is fully inspected and any similar devices are not found, it means that the modes are changed by a completely different keys.It's time to turn to the instructions supplied with the machine.With the help of the phone to change from pulse to tone dialing will not be difficult.

# 4

Although manufacturers always advise to keep this important document, often a situation arises that find it is not possible.The main thing in this case - do not panic and in any case do not try to pick their own different key combinations.So you can accidentally turn on completely different function or even cause the device unusable.Therefore, you should always be sure of the right click button.You can use the internet and look for information about how to translate interest in the tone mode phone model.

# 5

In rare cases it may be that the telephone company serving the device, there is an old analog PBX (telephone exchange).Then there is no possibility to tone dialing, regardless of the phone.If none of the options does not work, and there is a digital PBX, then the phone only has a pulse mode.You do not have to buy a new machine, you can buy a special device DTMF - beeper.When you dial using its own keyboard, but he leans into the microphone of the handset.Automatic voice services are ubiquitous.Using them is easy if you know the features of pulse and tone modes, as well as to be able to switch between them.