How to enable bluetooth on a laptop ?

How to enable bluetooth on a laptop ?
You will need:
  • Checking device
  • Hardware and Software including
  • Drivers
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  • device Conclusion
# 1

To find out how to turn on bluetoothon the laptop in the first place to make sure that the device has support for this feature, and if at all possible its inclusion.In some similar body, laptops can have different characteristics - this also applies to the device.The main proof of the presence of blyutuza - sticker on the laptop with the appropriate logo or inscription.Also, the presence of this feature, you can find out the manufacturer's website or check out the Guide to the notebook.If the search failed, it is possible to buy a module that plugs into the USB-port.

# 2

make sure you have the desired function, it remains only to find out how to turn on bluetooth on a laptop.Many notebook manufacturers release button on the keyboard to enable or disable the device separately from the rest of the keyboard.Often, this button is an additional function to the button, which can be dir

ectly and not noticeable.This is mainly buttons F1, F2, F3...F12.Recommendation: do not press them at once, because these buttons have two meanings.Usually the keyboard is located between the Ctrl and Alt keys Fn, by which and turns on additional functionality of the buttons above and, accordingly, bluetooth.There are differences, depending on the laptop manufacturer, in the appearance of buttons.In some cases, the inclusion of bluetooth function occurs via the same button, which turns on Wi-Fi - a button with a picture of the antenna.There are laptops, which have a special button for bluetooth devices that illustrates a particular, known to all, the Latin letter "B".If all the same or similar buttons on hands, then you need to include software.The first way - is to look at the bottom of the toolbar.There should be icons in the notification area, and this set is usually present an icon with the letter indicating the bluetooth function.Clicking on this icon any mouse button opens a context menu where you can not just turn on the device, but also to revise or change its settings.If you already have and it does not work, then the method of using the control panel.So, the button "Start" menu in the toolbar, select "Settings".Next - "Control Panel", where "Device Manager" menu.In Device Manager, if you have bluetooth function is the relevant section, where you need to turn on the device you want.Separately stand firm Lenovo laptops: to enable them to transfer files to the device you need to go to the "Start" menu, there choose "Programs" menu, on "Accessories" and choose the "File Transfer".

# 3

For all these, the above-described operations, need drivers.They are most likely present on the CD that comes with the laptop.If not, the driver can be downloaded from the laptop manufacturer.To install the driver data, press the power key on the laptop bluetooth.This is the main problem with the inclusion of installation and file transfer functions on the laptop.For convenience, you can install the program Soleil.This program optimizes the bluetooth work and will help to avoid many problems.

# 4

Now, when it was installed and configured bluetooth device, you can start using it.To do this, turn on any phone or camera, the same function and to search for the device on a laptop.This is done in the notification area in the Device Manager or when you open the required connection in the "Network Connections".Select "Show bluetooth device" and the screen will be all available for connecting devices.If you choose you need to configure the interface to the laptop, and stored in memory for the next time to use this connection without pairing.

# 5

Tip: to quickly download files from a laptop to a different device is convenient to use the context menu when you click the right mouse button on the desired file and selecting "Send to bluetooth-device '.When the bluetooth devices is possible that your computer will not be visible to other users.To resolve this problem, you need to install the device options, tick the 'Allow bluetooth devices to find this computer "or" Visible to all ".If the above recommendation is correct, then the bluetooth function on the laptop will be available to the host computer.