How to remove fat from the inner thigh : the fat in the thigh part

How to remove fat from the inner thigh : the fat in the thigh part
You will need:
  • chair
  • dumbbell
  • expander
  • mat
  • honey
# 1

During the training emphasis is usually on the abdominal muscles and hips.This is the most problematic areas in the female body.It so happens that at a load of outer part of the leg looks pumped up.At the same time looks flabby inner thigh;how to remove the excess fat on it, and pump up the muscles becomes an issue.Usually this area is almost not involved in everyday life, because left without proper attention.In these places formed unsightly ears, which is why many women pressing question of how to clean the inside of the thigh.

# 2

First, we should reconsider the diet, give up the fat, sweet, spicy - all that contributes to the accumulation of fat or salt accumulation in the body.It should consume during the day more fluid.But the normalization of power is not enough, you must also pay more attention to physical stress.Remove fat from problem areas is difficult, but possible.If a person spends much time on the couch or sit

ting at the computer and forget about regular exercise, it is in any case affect the figure.Because you need to take it a rule to walk more, ride a bike, jog, or at least not to forget about charging.

# 3

Also, in case of problems with the inside of the thighs will be useful wraps.You can refer to a beauty salon, where for these purposes, professional agents, but quite feasible to do so at home.Very effective honey wraps.In problem areas need to apply a thin layer of honey, then wrapped in plastic wrap or cellophane.Leave on for half an hour or an hour.But we need to make sure that the person is allergic to honey, otherwise the procedure may harm instead of good.

# 4

even with all of these tips to remove fat from the inner thigh is not so simple.Assist only specially selected exercises designed precisely for this muscle group.You can give them only fifteen - twenty minutes a day, but after a couple of months, the result is obvious.To begin to warm up your muscles before the upcoming workload.You can run, jump rope, dance for five - ten minutes.In no event it is impossible to start training without warming up the muscles.

# 5

To solve the problem, how to remove the tabs from the inside of the thighs, help exercises with a chair.We need to stand by his side, with one hand resting on the back.Near to the chair leg is fixed, the second makes the cross-mahi.Movement should be done with a small amplitude, not too often.You can start with ten - fifteen repetitions, gradually increasing their number to twenty.Will help remove the fat on the inside of the thighs are the basic movements, like moving from one foot to the other and sit-ups.When moving the need to arrange the legs wide, hands to lean on her hips and rolled slowly from one foot to the other.To enhance the effect of the exercise can be fixed in the end position for twenty seconds.Squats should be done on the type of plies.To this end, the foot must not stand straight, and deployed a little to the side.Squat not need very low, with a small amplitude.Very effective exercises with dumbbells and expanders when the muscle is an additional burden.

# 6

also effective exercises on the floor, for which you will need a small mat.It should lie on his back on his elbows, legs raised and bent at the knees.Splay and legs for a minute.Another exercise is carried out on his side, one hand rests on the arm, the other on the belt.The foot, which from above is displayed forward and put on the foot.Lower Mahi makes up about fifteen - twenty times.At the end of the exercise, you can fix the position for twenty seconds.Exercise done in one and the other side.

# 7

Remember that the above exercises are to be performed every day, otherwise they will not give any effect.Subsequently, when the desired result is achieved, the training can be limited to three - four per week.Thus, knowing how to remove fat from the inside of the thighs, you can easily solve this problem.With regular performing simple exercises, active lifestyles and changing your diet, you can get rid of unsightly ears in just a month or two.