How to talk on the radio ?

How to talk on the radio ?

Despite the development of mobile communication, nowadays there are also many areas where negotiations on the radio used.For example, on the radio were talking police, military, emergency specialists, truck drivers, fans of military tactical games and others.The advantages of radio is that it works anywhere, she did not need repeaters.But how to communicate using a convenient and reliable means of communication?

The very first rule of thumb is always to the negotiations need to check the status of the radio.Check the operation of the buttons and the presence of the output power with the help of the SWR meter.Try to contact by radio with another person who is close to you it was easy to make sure that the signal passes easily in both directions.Set your radio to the total frequency.

To begin to talk, press the PTT button.Only then speak, otherwise you will not hear.Be sure to wait until the other person has finished talking before turning on his radio signal transmission.At the same time talking and l

istening to a portable radio in the case of not only rude, it is technically impossible.And if the connection is carried out between the three ibolee people, the one who listens to you at the moment, will hear nothing but noise, or will be able to hear only the transmission of a more powerful machine.

In order to give a signal that you have finished transmitting a message, you can use code words.Yes, for example, the same "Receive"!

preferred and ethically in all such communication scheme, the spent years of practice, first you call broadcast callsigns called (if your communication is no urgency or secrecy, just call the person by name), identify yourself, express your message, then re-identify yourself andtell codeword end the call.If you only speak together, then call yourself every time is not necessary.Sometimes the information you want to pass only one of the group members.Alas, confidence to do it does not work, because your message is heard everyone who tuned to the same frequency.But you can tell exactly who designed your message like this: "The first - the second."

Do not forget about the rules of politeness and walkie-talkie battery kept charged.Successful talks to you!