How to check the network card on the laptop ?

How to check the network card on the laptop ?
You will need:
  • Computer
  • wire, connectors, connector
  • NIC
  • Drivers
  • Network Connections
# 1

The easiest way to test a network card - seewhether the exchange of data between the network card and the computer.To do this, click "Start," then "Run" and type "cmd" - will be a black box in which we write: "ping 2.8 0.1." And press Enter.If you see four lines that start with "Reply from 2.8. 0.1...", Then everything is fine with the network card.Check on a laptop can be the same way.

# 2

may be mechanical damage in wiring, connector, power connector, which can also serve as a reason that does not work network card.How to check the wire?We must look for cracks, fractures or damage to the mains cable winding.If external damage is not revealed, it is necessary to connect the cable to a different connector or even to another computer on which you are running.If the other computer, the Internet or a local network works, the cable is in order and you need to check the network card.

# 3

How to check the network card on the laptop?On the laptop make it more complicated than a desktop computer.To do this, you need to open the system cover and try to connect the NIC to another slot (usually several in the motherboard).How to check whether the network card is now working?Connect to the Internet, and if it fails, then you need to check for installed drivers for this network adapter.

# 4

Even some of the method directed at how to check on the laptop network card - to see that a properly installed drivers.To see whether the drivers are installed, you can in the Device Manager.Find Device Manager in the control panel, see "Performance and Maintenance".If you do not know how to test the network card through the Device Manager, then you need to open it up and look for the word "Display Adapters."If they are listed, the driver set.

# 5

If after all the above checks the network card to access the Internet does not appear, then there is the last way to check the network card.To do this, see the properties of the network connection.Go to the "My Network Places" and delete the old connection and create a new one.In this test the network card is completed.If after this process a network card does not work, then you need to carry a laptop to a service center.