How to gain weight without chemicals ?

How to gain weight without chemicals ?
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To begin, we must understand that there is chemistry for the sport.Many theorists sports have a great misconception that sports nutrition is a chemistry and is very dangerous for the body.How to gain muscle mass without chemicals?Here it is necessary to hold the fine line between sports nutrition and anabolic steroids.Sports nutrition is not dangerous for the organism.After all, it only helps to saturate the body with useful trace elements, and it is made from a simple whey.

# 2

Another thing - anabolic steroids.In simple terms it is synthetic male sex hormones.They can really undermine the hormonal system.If you decide to build a beautiful body, and think about how to gain lean muscle mass, in principle, you can do without sports nutrition and especially without anabolic steroids.About a few basic principles of building a beautiful body in the following section.

# 3

muscle set consists of three inseparable elements -

food, sleep and exercise.It is in this sequence.How to gain muscle mass?Nutrition plays a very important role in this matter.You should consume 40 kcal per kg of its body weight per day to progress in weight.Food should be primarily protein.It is necessary to take approximately 2 grams of protein per kg of its body weight per day.Here are the most preferred products contain protein: eggs, meat, fish, milk, cottage cheese, cheese, legumes, seafood.If possible, we give up the sweet, starchy foods and fatty need to eat every 2-3 hours.

# 4

About 5-6 times a day.It should be noted that important meal is welcome after a workout (we need fast carbohydrates, the ideal option - sweet bun) and bedtime (100-200 g of fat-free yogurt).Next - a dream.Dream - a very important process of recovery.It is recommended to sleep 8-9 hours a day.Now it is necessary to talk about training.Before you start training at the gym, you need to turn to the coach.He is in every room.It will help you create a program that will suit you to a set of muscle mass.Recommended practice 3 times a week, an average of 1-1.5 hours.In general, we talked about how the guy to gain muscle mass.

# 5

-trudoemky muscle-building process.It takes a long time and patience.Set a goal, and you will succeed.Most importantly - do not overdo it, and that, in the future, many will be thinking about how to reduce muscle mass.