How to remove the frequently visited pages , how to remove pages that you visited ?

How to remove the frequently visited pages , how to remove pages that you visited ?
You will need:
  • Browser Google Chrome
  • Settings
  • browser Some knowledge
# 1

popular browsers to access the Internet are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox.Each one of them in a separate folder on the computer keeps a history of visited sites.These files can sometimes take a lot of disk space.In order not to clutter up your hard drive, you need to delete the files after some time and clear the cache stored by the browser.Each browser has settings that allow you to find the section for managing the stored history.These settings and will need to perform the requested operation.They may be called "History" or "Clear Private Data" depending on the browser, but the meaning of it completely changes.

# 2

First you need to go into the general settings of your browser to find the desired section.called "History" in Google Chrome Management saved pages.In these settings window you can see a long list that includes page references.All these pages open while using the internet.To re

move them, you need to click on "Clear History...".The choice of elements to be deleted appears.All the activities that occur in your browser, and stored some of them can be monitored.Every time the password is entered on the site, or is registered, or downloaded any multimedia or text file, the data is partially or completely stored by the browser in a specific location on your hard disk.

# 3

To understand what kind of story elements to remove, you need to consider some of the preferences of the user, because deleting some files will entail re-enter all the data that is automatically stored before each time you log on certain sites.By default, the browser offers to delete your browsing history, download history, cookies and cache files.However, you can also choose to delete the saved passwords and auto-complete forms data.The last is not recommended to remove if they are not stored somewhere on the computer independently by the user.All other files can be safely deleted, since they fill up disk space and accumulate with each new visit unfamiliar sites.

# 4

browser settings also offer select the time period for which data have been stored on the frequently visited pages and downloaded files.It is selected by the user, but it is best to specify the period of the "all-time", because no special semantic role of this function does not play, and the longer the period, the more elements will be deleted.Accordingly, in the latter case to free up more disk space, that actually need to click on the "Clear History" to start and complete the process.all links and stored items will be removed after a few seconds.Thus, you can periodically delete the frequently visited pages in Google Chrome.For other browsers are similar instructions.

# 5

To remove specific versions of stored pages of search engines, you can make out how to remove the frequently visited pages in Yandex.This process is very simple.In the same section of the settings "History" in the search box you need to enter the name of the search engine site, and then in the list of links displayed all that is required.It is necessary to tick each link and click "Remove Selected ItemsĀ»