How do I know running the camera ?

How do I know running the camera ?
You will need:
  • SLR
  • computer software
# 1

When buying a camera away from the cozy walls of an electronics store, as well as when buying cars "with hands"there is the issue of run.That is, the buyer wants to know the degree of deterioration of the purchased goods to them.It is no secret that there are no mechanisms eternal, sooner or later, the camera will need skilled care, and in a moment the happy owner will have to say goodbye to their "mirrored companion", sending it to the dustbin of history.If in the case of cars the account goes on behind the remaining kilometers, even with cameras all the same easy.The only difference is that found in the electronic "bowels" of a complex device counter that records the number of pictures taken, for many is a truly daunting task.

# 2

View same as "oncoming" machine - simple.However, often craftsmen "wind the" mileage cars to sell it more expensive, but with a focus cameras rotate much more difficult.How do I know the camera running.Running in

this case - a light shutter.The more images was made, the greater the number, the greater will be correspondingly deteriorated shutter.The camera numbers themselves shots, registering the serial number in the file name.However, with each new round (four-digit number), the counter is reset to zero, so that the camera's path, this method is not suitable.All of the above does not apply to compact digital cameras (small digital cameras without optics).They are usually installed automatic gate, and the number of pictures taken almost no effect on its performance.

# 3

have a professional SLR camera shutter almost always mechanical.It should be noted that the meta-data that reliably keeps the any camera, always carefully encrypted.To view this information is not enough just to open the tab "document properties" have to use one of the programs, the distribution of which is easy to find in the virtual spaces of the web.Select "e-informant" should, depending on the camera manufacturer.The users of cameras brands Nikon and Pentax often advised to use ShowExif program.For those who prefer Canon is better to use a similar product EOS Info.True, this program is not suitable for all models, but only for those that DIGIC IV processor is installed.

# 4

So what "filling" is hidden in the depths of your plastic mirroring each other, can be found in the description of the characteristics of the camera.Plus this information easily provide the service center.Cost of service varies, but usually does not exceed five hundred rubles.However, sometimes it turns out to receive meta-data, and through ShowExif.Also, as a tool for determining the path of the shutter, you can use the site http: // / and alternative firmware Magic Lantern.All these applications are easy to use, with an intuitive interface.All that is required of a curious buyer - opened with the program you want a very small file with the extension exif, and then find the item Total Number of Shutter Releases.This will be the mileage camera.In the event that the buyer chose the cameras from other manufacturers, unfortunately, the only way to know its run will visit the service center.