How do you know tariff Beeline ?

How do you know tariff Beeline ?
You will need:
  • Mobile
  • or Internet access
  • or passport
# 1

Know the mobile communication selected for the phone is not only useful, but alsonecessary.This also applies to the tariff plan.Choosing a particular tariff, the subscriber determines how it is going to use cellular communication.For some, the priority of unlimited calls, and someone needs high speed Internet.The basis for the connection of services will be selected tariff plan.After all, for some packages required options are free of charge or at a significantly reduced price.In the future, you can install any services, if there is a picture of the current connections.Therefore, it is an important question, how do you know which tariff Beeline.This allows you to have the best prices on services to save on communication and have interesting services.

# 2

tariff plan Beeline can be found in several ways.If it has not changed since the connection, then there is information in the documents.Usually the contract, which specifies

the name of the tariff, separately enclosed brochure with information about it.But do not forget that the mobile operator has the right at any time to change the terms of use attached tariff.Therefore, the relevance of the available information should be specified in the company.If the tariff plan with the date of the contract change, or documents not found, you can use a mobile phone - free dial * 110 * 05 # and press the call key.In response will receive SMS-message with the name of the tariff and the date of connection.

# 3

Learn information, not only through USSD-request, and calling one of the toll free numbers.Do not worry about how to find out your tariff Beeline on the phone number 067405. It is simple, you just have to follow the voice prompts.If done correctly, a message comes in with information about the tariff.Also Beeline have a service called "Mobile Consultant".To use it, you have to dial 0611. Answering Beeline itself identifies and tells about the features of the tariff plan.Autoinformer - this is a good and fast way to get information.But if the subscriber has any questions about the rate, connection options, remote service, you would have to think about how to find this information.In such cases, much easier to call the same number 0611, but to communicate with the operator center support Beeline customers.It will not only provide information about the rate, but also to answer any questions and help you decide on the need to change the plan or to add new services.

# 4

active Internet users are invited to learn the tariff plan on the official website of the company Beeline.service "My Account" established for this purpose.To go into it, you need to access: username and temporary password to the system.If you dial from your phone by dialing * 611 # and press the call button, you will receive a message with the data.The personal account can not only find out the current rate, but also to learn about him all the information, including connectivity services and options.Also, there is information on all tariff plans available for connection, as well as an archive for those who use inactive at present rate.Of these, too, can find information.user requirements are taken into account in a system that combines the tariffs in thematic sections: "Calls to Beeline", "All Inclusive" and others.This allows you to select the package of interest on their own.Check the rate on the website is convenient by the fact that the information on it is available at any time of the day.You can not rush out and explore if necessary the connection of new services or change of tariff plan all the possible options to choose the best.In addition, the options you want to connect on their own will not be difficult, since, along with information about them, there are instructions for installation.

# 5

Another option to find out the current tariff plan - visit Beeline service office.It will take much more time, but this method has its advantages.Consultant salon will help deal with the use of self-service.And it will show how the one or another automated system.If such services are causing difficulties or if there is no mobile phone itself, the consultant can find out information about the tariff through a database.To do this, you must call the phone number and identification.The cost of calls, SMS, MMS-messages, Internet access, services and options, you can find out if the known plan.