How to tighten sagging cheeks ;how to make the cheeks thinner exercise ?

How to tighten sagging cheeks ;how to make the cheeks thinner exercise ?
You will need:
  • ice
  • cosmetic lifting effect
  • regular exercise
# 1

sagging cheeks occurs for various reasons.It could be age-related changes, the result is a sharp weight loss, the consequences of bad habits, heredity and muscle weakness.Whatever the cause is not served as the emergence of so-called "bulldog cheeks" before a woman raises the question of how to tighten sagging cheeks at home.After all, not everyone can afford expensive cosmetic surgery or procedures in beauty salons.And such extreme measures can harm even a healthy body, to say nothing about women, they just contraindicated.

# 2

to tighten the skin of the cheeks, will have to reconsider your diet.It is necessary to exclude from the fat, sweet, alcohol, try to get rid of a bad habit, like smoking.fresh fruits and vegetables should be consumed more drink green tea, juices and purified water.It normalizes metabolism and tidies the skin.

# 3

Normal cleansing and facial treatment for women with the problem of sagging

cheeks will not help.It is necessary to use cosmetics with lifting effect, but it can not be used continuously.We need to take a break, otherwise the skin becomes accustomed to the effects of pull-up means and cease to respond to them.It is useful in the morning and evening to wipe face with ice cubes and frozen best herbal solution.Good curative effect has chamomile, sage.You can also use face masks with lifting effect.

# 4

All these funds should be combined with special exercises for cheeks.Here are a few simple exercises, which should be paid attention to.First you need to make a turn to the left and right neck ten - fifteen times.Then he lifts the head up and to the left to catch a minute or two, then just right.Overlaying the lower lip on the top, straining cheeks.In this position, too, is to hold on a minute - two.Another effective drawing lips in the form of the letter "O" and rotation in the opposite sides of the mouth.These simple exercises should be repeated regularly in the morning and evening.

# 5

After the gym, apply the cream and do a little massage.The skin on the cheeks and the chin should be firmly pat and pinch to tone up the muscles.After this intense smoothing upwards, starting from the chin and moving towards temples.If for a long time, all these funds have not given the desired effect, there is nothing left but to turn to the beautician.Perhaps, vacuum massage and mesotherapy can help women to cope with the problem.