How to throw the memory from disk to disk ?

How to throw the memory from disk to disk ?
You will need:
  • computer or laptop
  • program for the distribution of the disk space
# 1

Sometimes users of computers and laptops face the problem of lack of free space on the system drive.This may be due to the fact that the installed "heavy" program (eg, Photoshop), or a lot of games.Before users the question arises, how to transfer the memory from the disk D to drive C. Standard means Windowsprodelat such operation is quite troublesome: space will be in front of the system partition.We'll have to save the data from the disk DHA external media and format the hard drive completely, and then re-mark the file system.In such cases it is recommended to use a third-party program (AcronisDiscDirector, PartitionMagic, and others).They are convenient for the fact that will help both onto the memory from disk to disk, and make a backup copy of the system.

# 2

All these programs feature the distribution of the disk space is usually the base, that is available even in the demo version.Running lik

e the program, you need to find the item "Disk Management".In all sections of the hard drive will be shown the window that opens, they are usually 3. The first is the Windows bootloader, so no need to touch it.It is necessary to select the C drive, find the shortcut menu item "Extend Partition" and specify how much memory to transfer to the disc D. Naturally, the latter shall be required space, because otherwise the program will refuse to work or delete part of the data.Making sure that all selected correctly, you can start the operation.It can last for a long time - you need to be patient.After rebooting, the question of how to increase the local disk storage, will no longer be disturbed.

# 3

weakness of this solution is the unpredictability of the result, depending on the quality of the program.Therefore, for normal operations is better to use the standard Windows tools.It is necessary to open the Control Panel and select Administrative Tools, Computer Management, and then go to the Disk Management tab.Shows all hard disk partitions.But how to throw that memory to another drive?It is necessary to select the partition from which you plan to remove the space, and in the context menu click "Shrink Volume."Note: the unit of measurement is megabytes!By specifying the required volume should confirm compression.A new free section.By clicking on the one you want to zoom in, you need to select "Extend Volume" and confirm the operation again.Thus, the problem with the lack of memory will be completely solved, and without any risk to personal data.