How to polish the glass on your phone ?

How to polish the glass on your phone ?
You will need:
  • Paste GOI
  • soft cloth
  • little cash
# 1

So first try to protect your favorite device that would be the question of how to polish the glass on your phonewe have never arisen.To do this, you can buy a transparent self-adhesive film, and as soon as you can stick it on your phone screen.Sellers consultants in any salon cellular colorful and all the details will tell you how it's done.This screen protection method is very effective.Scratches will not be shown on the glass and on film.When the mature decision to remove it, it will take no more than ten seconds.After that, the operation can be repeated indefinitely (or until not decide to say goodbye to his young helper).

# 2

Then touch on such an important issue: how to polish glass mobile?The answer is quite simple.It is necessary to buy a special paste GOI.This paste (usually green) allows the polish to a shine even the metal surface, and certainly cope with the glass on your phone.Put on the glass surface a small amount o

f paste and rub her hand.Repeat this step several times.A soft cloth or tissue to remove the remnants of the working material.But please, be careful.Glass thickness is not unlimited, and the paste can be used only a few times.It is best immediately after its application to protect the screen protective film.

# 3

What more can be done to remove scratches from a mobile phone glass?And for this you can take the opportunity to change the housing.Baby perfect body, and change for you.If you can do it yourself, you can not save bad at this.This way of dealing with the hated scratches and more good in that it allows completely transform our electronic friend.You can find many options for coloring.Some manufacturers even offer to come up with a design of phone replacement parts.One effect of kill two birds with one stone.

# 4

possible to note a few more tips.It is necessary to buy a protective case for your mobile phone.This is, firstly, additional protection, and, secondly, an interesting decoration.It should make a habit of not wearing the phone and house keys or car in one pocket.Usually they leave scratches on the body and monitor the phone.Do not spread your phone on a table or other hard surface for a long time.Remember that your phone is not a toy.Protect it from small children.These tips help many people to extend the life of your electronic friend.

# 5

clear that it makes no sense to deal with scratches on the phone forever.Instead, you should be ready to adapt to the changing circumstances of life.The new phones will surprise you with its capabilities.So is not it better to buy them, rather than to revive the old.