How to connect the monitor to a laptop ?

How to connect the monitor to a laptop ?
You will need:
  • Connectivity Cable
  • Additional monitor
# 1

For people who lead an active lifestyle and do not sit long in one place, notebook manufacturers offer modelsideal for such requests.These laptops are lightweight, large supply of battery life, slim body, and the average size of the screen.All these parameters are chosen by people who take with them in the computer travel, to work, to the cottage or country house.Thus multifunctional assistant is always on hand at all times have access to the Internet, and you can always continue to work and do business without losing precious time.

# 2

At other times I want to watch a good movie or a child asks for a computer to play your favorite computer game.In such cases, a screen for viewing, which would have a diagonal size larger than that of the personal computer.It is possible to connect the monitor to a laptop, which can be a big diagonal, or it can be connected plasma television.In any case, watching a movie or video will be much m

ore comfortable and entertaining.

# 3

process of connecting an additional monitor really is very simple, not time-consuming, but the result exceeds all expectations, because the combination of compact and mobile laptop and a large full-screen display is very functional and useful.To begin, select the cable with which to connect an additional monitor.Connector for connecting a laptop situated on a lateral side or on the back near the entrance to the power cable.There are two types of connection ports - VGA and DVI.Accordingly, the connecting cable must be chosen.When all the necessary additional elements are available, you need to properly connect the cable to the laptop port.In no event it is impossible to insert it upside down to avoid damage to parts or the laptop connector.Otherwise, it will be very difficult to restore the port - most likely need to buy a new one and give the laptop in for repair.Once the monitor cable has been successfully connected to your laptop, you need to turn on the monitor, after connecting it to a power source.

# 4

When the monitor is turned on, you can start the infusion.The notebook system has multiple monitors control modes: use the main laptop monitor, use an additional, or work with them two at a time.This switching occurs either by pressing the button to display an image icon, or by pressing the key combination Fn + F *, where * - key number corresponding icon displays switch.If the optional monitor screen remains black, it is necessary to check the correct connection of the power cord and VGA-cable, since the laptop should automatically detect and recognize the new monitor is connected.

# 5

If successfully connect the monitor to your laptop, you should also check whether the picture is displayed correctly.If there is a displacement of the screen or the desktop is too big or small and does not correspond to the proportions of the size of the monitor, you need to make additional settings.To do so, on the desktop click on the right mouse button and select in the list that appears, the "Properties".In the new window that opens, you need to go to the tab "Options", which will be presented to the management settings of the two monitors.They will be indicated by numbers "1" and "2".For each individual, you can adjust the screen resolution and color quality.If you click on the "Advanced" button, then open the advanced settings that will change the refresh rate of the monitor screen, diagnose, view the adapter type properties and change the color profile.To change these settings should only experienced users, or new settings may result in damage to the monitor.

# 6

Thus, after passing a practical step, you can learn how to connect the monitor to your laptop to your own experience.It is clear that to carry out all actions, does not require any special skills, because all the necessary operations can be done any computer user.