How to record a conversation on Skype automatically?

How to record a conversation on Skype automatically?
You will need:
  • Special
  • software application for "Skype»
# 1

How to record a conversation in "on Skype" automatically?Communication in "Skype" is so convenient that it is used for a wide variety of calls.And often there is a situation when they have to be written.It may be business meetings, during which discussed and proposed a number of projects and ideas.Or the explanation troubleshooting sessions with a teacher, learning a foreign language and conversation with a native speaker.In such cases, entry is required because it is difficult to keep all the memory.Not to mention the interview.And just to save a loved one's voice, which is often not possible to communicate, there is no harm.The question arises, how to record the conversation in "Skype".Unfortunately, the "Skype" does not provide for such a possibility.Therefore it is necessary to install additional software.There are two options: special third-party programs or applications for "Skype" to his official website.

# 2

Immediately is to say that the last recording method is not particularly convenient.Directory Utility "Skype" is available only in English.Only users who know the language can View and select the appropriate program.For other acceptable option would be to find the first name of the application, and then their website.For example, Pamela or Callnote.But only the first limited version is free.Of course, everyone decides how to record the conversation, but to use Callnote program will need to create an account on Evernote.That's where the recording will be saved.Both utilities are installed quickly and easily, use also does not cause major problems.But these applications are generally not very good, considering that they are positioned as special software to "Skype" and downloaded from its official site.

# 3

much better to choose one of these third-party programs.The most popular are MP3 Skype Recorder, iFree Skype Recorder and CallGraph.All of them are free of charge, in English, and have roughly the same features.With "Skype" and this software does not need to worry about how to record a phone conversation, because by "Skype" you can call any phone.Any of these programs easily found on the Internet and download the expanse.Installing them is necessary, as well as any other utilities.The interface is intuitive.If you compare them, then CallGraph - most uncomfortable due to the fact that the record is in wav format, and after its completion should be some time for the automatic conversion to mp3.In iFree Skype Recorder little more flexibility in configuration than the MP3 Skype Recorder.But the latter wins that access to them is much easier - in the main window instead of a separate tab.

# 4

Since everything is stored in a standard mp3 format, there is no problem as to listen to the conversation.To record was quality, it is necessary to make the correct settings.Record type is better to install «stereo», and compression quality - 64 or 96. But if the conversation will continue to be used not only recorded, it makes sense to choose 128. The higher the quality is better, and the file is heavier.You can also choose to record automatically, that is, all the talk in a row, or manually by the user.Simply write down everything, it's not such a big file size.Use "Skype" becomes much easier and more productive if you install one of these programs and save important conversations.