How to update the navigation prology: Activation

How to update the navigation prology: Activation
You will need:
  • GPS-navigator
  • internet connection
# 1

To understand this topic ignorant person is usually very, very difficult.The abundance of features enters into a stupor, and insufficiently qualified sellers often do not orient themselves in kilometers of retail space allocated to the sale of GPS-navigators.However, the problems do not end after the purchase.To navigator actively saves fuel by finding the shortest path to the goal, it is necessary to periodically update the database.That is, they need to "engage" - just put it into the machine is impossible.The leader in this area, "default" is considered the company Prology.With it, and you can start.How to update prology navigator?The first (and probably the easiest) way - is to use a special updater (Navitel Updater).However, it is not appropriate for some new models.You can also try to ask for advice from the technical support staff.They will be able to suggest some "foreign" version of the software, which is easily compatible wit

h the products of other manufacturers.By the way the program Navitel that runs on browsers, you can view and license key (in the format: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx), and serial number.Of course, each version of the software has its own number.

# 2

However, in addition to "Prolodzhi" there are other options on store shelves art.The choice of a wide range of navigation around the same functional models, sometimes causes difficulties.So how to choose a car navigators?If you do not take into account the characteristics of the manufacturer and the durability of the device (on this subject can not write a single article), the center of attention are the technical characteristics.Some browsers have a function of choice is not the shortest route, and the most successful in terms of comfort.Of course, with the help of modern devices can pass many kilometers of traffic jams on the roads.To do this, equip special avtonavigatory UPI modules are also often used for a connection almost forgotten GPRS technology.Some navigators to update traffic information, connect to a mobile phone.Recall that in this article does not describe how to update the Garmin navigator?We are talking about the navigators Prology, which long occupied a place on the shelves of Russian stores and in the hearts of local motorists.

# 3

update is free of charge and does not require the user to virtually no effort.The laziest may just download a program that will determine the card type and version, and then upgrade the existing offer.In general, go for such web page every two to three months worth at least because sometimes issued updates are required, and without them, the unit may not work properly.However, sometimes that is not enough internal memory to store large card files.Then, as a rule, can be used as a virtual external storage microSD or SD card.To understand how to update the navigator Navitel explay, you do not need to be an academician or a programmer.It is enough to visit the site of the navigation software developers, that is, the site is already known to us the company Navitel.There's all the suffering awaits instruction available.Similarly, should come with other software vendors.The fact that these programs would exist as separate from the devices themselves, so that the site of the manufacturer, in this case - bad assistant.