How to get rid of lactic acid in the muscles ?

How to get rid of lactic acid in the muscles ?
You will need:
  • hot tub, sauna
  • massage
  • stretching
  • cross
# 1

pain in the muscles after exercise experienced each.From a physiological point of view, the essence of the formation of lactic acid is.The body during exercise tends to energize the energy and oxygen to working muscles.But the very same muscle contractions and prevent to do so, therefore slowing down the local blood flow.Meanwhile, the muscles continue to decline, and production of ATP energy for the muscle begins without the participation of oxygen, due to the glycogen contained in muscles.Musculature receives energy and produces a byproduct - lactic acid (a by-product breakdown of glucose).Itself Lactic acid is not harmful to the body, but can cause muscle injury, not to mention the uncomfortable body aches.Therefore, it is important to get rid of the lactic acid.

# 2

By the way, even if nothing is done, the lactic acid from the muscles she will be printed in a couple of days.But sometimes the pain is so unbearable m

uscle that a person can hardly walk.He had a fever and the like. D. In such cases, can alleviate the condition in the home.The most basic way to get rid of the lactic acid - a hot bath or visit bath or sauna.From the hot temperatures is known to dilate the vessel walls, which contributes to more rapid failure of lactic acid from the muscle.It is recommended to take a hot bath no more than 15-20 minutes - it will be quite enough.

# 3

following means - deep stretching, or stretching.It is recommended to carry out before and after the main workout.It is worth paying attention to yoga: it increases flexibility, improves muscle tension and thereby promotes a more rapid recovery of the body.

# 4

from significant physical activity, of course, there is lactic acid in the muscles.How to get rid of it with the help of massage?First of all, we need a relaxing massage.It relieves stress and muscle fatigue, and, in principle, its effect is similar to the effect of stretching.Only massage also helps to improve the blood supply, and thus accelerates lactic acid.

# 5

Some experienced athletes (most of all - athletes), conducted training and experiencing intense stress, prefer to end the occupation easy crosscourt at a speed of 7-9 km / h for 10-15 minutes.This makes sense, since such a hitch helps not only restore the body, but also the fact that through the breath and sweat glands from the body faster than the lactic acid is removed.

# 6

thus relieve pain after exercise can help the following means: a sauna, a hot tub, a sports recovery massage, stretching or light cross.The main thing - remember that in order to prevent such a condition, it is necessary, firstly, dosed load, and secondly, before the training should be a good warm-up.