How to configure disk brakes on a bicycle ?

How to configure disk brakes on a bicycle ?
You will need:
  • Set of keys Set of screwdrivers
# 1

Bicycle disc brakes are hydraulic and mechanical.As in the first and the second has its advantages and disadvantages, but the principle of operation is similar.Furthermore, after installation they both require adjustment.We must consider how to set disc brakes on the bike, since hydraulic.You must first install the hub rotor, set the wheel in place and tighten the eccentric axis.Then the adapter is screwed, and already it is not fully screwed calipers (in this case he should "float" freely).Now, holding the brake lever, you must check whether the distance to put forward the same with the pads.Once the pads clamp the rotor, caliper usually falls into place.If it does not, it can help the scrolling wheel arm back and forth.

# 2

Once the caliper into place, you need to alternately tighten the upper and lower bolts.Now the caliper brake pads need to bring the rotor to the required distance.This is done by repeated sharp pressing the b

rake lever.Next, release the brake and spin the wheel, checking at the same time that the pads did not touch the rotor.If one of the pad touches the rotor, then it is necessary to relax the brake caliper mounting boss, a little to move it to the side of the block and re-tighten the bracket.Check result and if necessary the procedure can be repeated.If both pads cling to the rotor, they need to be diluted in different directions, untwisted the adjusting screw on the brake handle.Conversely, if the blocks are too far away from the rotor, the adjusting bolt must tighten slightly.After completing all the settings, you need more time to fully test disc brakes and tighten the bolts all the fixings.

# 3

Mechanical bicycle brakes are adjusted in a similar way.You need to install the rotor on the hub, then put put the wheel back on and tighten the axle bolt.Compared with hydraulic brakes, mechanical more sensitive to a shift in the axis of the wheels, so the better the axis clamping sitting on a bicycle or holding his fork to avoid any friction pad sound in the future of the rotor.Further, as in the case with the hydraulics need to connect an adapter and a caliper adapter without tightening it with the stop.Static block to pull half a turn screw to regulate its position.With the finger you need to lightly press caliper to the rotor by a fixed block, you will need to get the plane pads and rotor coincide.

# 4

Then you need to gently tighten the caliper mounting bolts so as not to move it to the side.Perform these actions better with completely disconnected wire.Tightening the bolts need to unscrew the back half a turn of the adjusting screw and check the accuracy of the pad relative to the rotor position.To do this, you can turn the wheel and looking at the gap between the pads and the rotor to determine the distance.Finally, you need to install the cable in its place so that the pads at the released cable does not cling to the rotor.During operation, the bicycle must be periodically inspect each node bike, especially the brakes.Cables should not be damaged or pinched.Pads for the time gradually erased, so they periodically need to be changed.