How to encrypt your connection with the website ?

How to encrypt your connection with the website ?
You will need:
  • special service called PayPal
  • Determining the type of connections of the
# 1

Mainly it can be done by encrypting the connection with the website.It is worth noting that every web browser has its own protection and encryption, but they are similar in many respects.So, how to encrypt the connection with the web site, using the popular browsers?Firstly, it should be noted that the conventional wisdom that simply come under the code http, erroneously, as the operation is absolutely no secret of the connection.To do this, there are special funds.

# 2

Firefox, for example, to resolve the issue of malicious websites on how to find password Internet connection, offers a special service called PayPal.It provides a review of your site, to which the connection is made, and accordingly divides the sites into three categories, which are marked with special icons: a gray ball, gray and green lock lock.These icons easier than solve the problem, how do you know the type of Internet c

onnection.For example, a gray ball will mean that the site does not provide any information about themselves and the connection is open, and, accordingly, may be overheard.

# 3

Grey castle will mean that the website address is confirmed, and the connection is encrypted, so there is nothing to fear.Green Castle also guarantees safety, and, moreover, indicates that the site has provided complete information about yourself.It should also be noted that the problem lies in how to improve the Internet connection in most cases are not solved, because the connection he establishes website.Thus, before you connect to the server, you can immediately find out the type of connection and decide to stay here at your own risk, or leave it.

# 4

The trouble is that most of the popular web sites such as Wikipedia, YouTube's, and so on. D. Marked it with gray ball, talking about what they do not provide information about themselves, which means that the connection can notIt is encrypted.Do not go to them is almost impossible, which means - you have to take risks.However, in this case, you can use a special protection program, which, if you remove the risk, then it will reduce considerably.